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Electronic News Agency – Governorates Group: Drought phenomenon and low general rainfall from the guest He threatened the Fars province and continued to kill in these years despite his knowledge of the dangers that followed. Planting It is performed by traditional methods.

After this problem, another problem arose at the level of the state and the province of Fars, called regression, and in this area, the scientific and research centers of the state and the province have repeatedly declared the danger.

Unfortunately, by not taking the problem of subsidence seriously, this phenomenon has reached a critical stage, and in recent years has caused damage to residential areas in the plains of the province.

People’s lives are disrupted

The deputy of the crisis in the Agricultural Jihad Organization in Fars said in an interview with an online reporter: Consider the land subsidence in the region. marginal, decentralized thubs and six effective rhetoric A huge hole was created in the crop, due to the lack of any kind of cultivation in this area.

Change the irrigation system from flooded Changing the cultivation pattern towards modern irrigation systems and reducing the pattern of water and medicinal plants has slowed the process of deterioration.

Nader Mahmoudi said: These areas were excluded from the agricultural field due to the fall of the land. To prevent accidents.

He added: To discuss the reduction in these areas, it is necessary to secure credit from the governorate’s crisis management, which has not been done so far in this field.

The deputy head of the Agricultural Jihad Organization in Fars described the excessive use of groundwater as the cause of the decline: changing the irrigation system. flooded Changing the cultivation pattern towards modern irrigation systems and reducing the pattern of water and medicinal plants has slowed the process of deterioration.

Land subsidence poses a threat to Fars province / Landslide around Shiraz

Naderi’s comments: Work in this field is very necessary. On the other hand, it is impossible to stop farming. There is no way for farmers. What is the solution to the livelihood of the farmer’s family? It cannot always be said that cultivation should not be done.

He said, “The agricultural jihad with the peasants and in order to control the problem of stagnation created small job opportunities for farmers, but for this situation, all the institutions of the province should think of a solution.”

The amount of landing in the city of Shiraz

Speaking with reporters about the rate of subsidence in the plains of Fars province, the director of the Department of Seismic Risks and Earthquake Risks at the country’s Roads, Housing and Urban Development Research Center said: The rate of subsidence in Marodasht is 15 centimeters. per normal. The year is a large number.

And Ali Baitullah added: The landing in Fars is very scattered and easy is better in Sahel Kiir and Afzal. Worker Fasa eased one of the plains that experienced the highest decline in recent years.

He said that continuous droughts and indiscriminate water harvesting in recent years are the reason for the phenomenon of reduced water harvesting: there is a need to manage water resources and this requires the efforts of all institutions.

The hums of Fars and Afzal Bayalo Ker are too scattered Worker Fasa is one of the plains that have experienced the highest decline in recent years

And Baitullah said in another part of his speech: In the plains of Fars province, the aquifers have become empty and the depth of the wells has increased, and some parts of the aquifers are empty. limestone It has been used in such a way that in some places we still have 3-4 cm of minor landing every year. But some deviations such as Marvdasht, Vasa, Drap and … Cairo Worker They are severely affected by the phenomenon of collapse.

Director of the Earthquake Risk and Earthquake Risk Department of the Roads, Housing and Urban Development Research Center, said about the spread of this phenomenon to the city of Shiraz: In the Shiraz region itself, the depth of subsidence of the earth is not high, but the magnitude of the subsidence in the Shiraz city area is 125 km.

Baitullah added: In view of this phenomenon and the presence of events such as Jamouri Avenue and the Shiraz fault zone, we started two study projects with the municipality of Shiraz and Rah and the municipality of Fars province to identify and control the subsidence increases.

And on the landing in the heights of the province, he said: The mountainous areas and highlands should not go down, but we are facing all kinds of landings in different places.

Baitullah also expressed his concern about the decline of historical monuments in Jams and said: Our historical monuments are present in these complexes, and for this reason some of the walls of Takht Jamshidi and Naqsh Rustam were damaged, and this phenomenon has devastating environmental and urban effects. .

He stressed the need to adopt new strategies at the national level with regard to agricultural policies and the exploitation of groundwater. Because neglecting this area will not help this problem in the future.

The head of the Shiraz Geological Center delivered a speech Says He told an online reporter that the county’s fall rate in 2018 averaged 7.8 centimeters.

Geological studies have been conducted on these islands

Tahamourt Yousefi added: The maximum subsidence of the earth from the central limit of this approximation is about 15 cm per year. Then, one of the biggest zoom feature of Drab City is a continuous approximation of 90 km from northwest to southeast.

He agreed that the geological studies in Fars Province were conducted by different institutions in an isolated manner but with an integrated management. Oh .. you They should use these studies.

It is imperative that the responsible institutions in this area act as quickly as possible and the people as well demanding Help speed up the process of drowning control

Al-Yousifi added: The preliminary studies are related to the Al-Hussaini area HashemiThis work was done at the beginning of the urban development in this field about 20 years ago. Currently, the rate of subsidence has affected most of the country’s freshwater plains, and as this trend continues, other plains will also be affected by subsidence in the future. Given that there is very limited time left to prevent collapse in our country, responsible institutions must act as quickly as possible in this area and the people as well. demanding Help speed up the drowning control process.

Natural and man-made factors such as overexploitation of groundwater levels, climatic changes, global warming, overexploitation of mines, illegal well drilling, subway and urban railway tunnels, slow ground movement and lava flows. . This situation makes the collapse more dangerous and feeds the country. At the same time, the indiscriminate exploitation of the groundwater level played a large role in increasing the amount of subsidence, and in fact, the reduction of subsidence depends on the restoration of aquifers.

Although the recession has been going on in the country for 50 years, we have seen the authorities ignore this potential threat, but people have not been properly informed of the dangers of this phenomenon.

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