Sadiq was looking forward to the chemistry of kindness

In the field of education, the power of “re-creating and expressing Islam” in Sadiq Ainhwand is very institutional and we call him Shahid Motahari and Dr. If Shariati is considered a disciple and follower of his ilk, then his presence at Tehran University seems to revive Motahari and Shariati.

According to the informants, Hussein Ali Gabbadi, former director of the Institute for Humanities and Cultural Studies, noted in this article. iron This was written on the seventh anniversary of the death of Sadiq Einhwand, a prominent professor of Islamic history. Perhaps the greatest lesson we can learn from the late Ayanunda is his character, he considered the fruits of religion very humble and humble, and I have heard him many times, and I avoid insults. Others knew the basics of religion and its practice, and it was in every sense of the word.

He said: Whoever allows himself to insult others will undoubtedly benefit from the fruits of religion and the foundation of education, and if a religious person uses religion in the depths of his being, he will live and be humble, and he will do so.” He cannot insult a religious person.

If we want to enter into the theoretical sciences, we must say that in addition to this domination, he was one of those people who wanted to be kind to everyone, and was strangely generous in this regard, and if something happened, he would give. Give him his belongings and give him a gift, and he is pleased with this excuse.

I remember that as soon as he walked in somewhere and a member of Parliament then described the late where Vandar and at once picked up the watch and gave it to the gentleman. From the students, from colleagues to the streets to those around them, they were so kind, their kindness turned into chemicals that changed the existence of the people associated with them and had a profound effect on them. Sometimes he did extraordinary things in the world of kindness, for example, a vivid memory is that a talented and worthy student wanted to study for a doctorate, but this was not possible at Turbot Mudders University. He said, “I will release this part and he will really go and complete it with all the problems and difficulties that exist.”

It all comes down to his belief in kindness and alchemy in him. It is a pity to say that such a man is not among us today, and if he were, he could be a source of good. On the other hand, his rich talent gave him tremendous explanatory power. The late Ainwand had been interested in the history of Islam for a generation. This is the elite generation who was interested in the teachings of Islam in various fields at the beginning of the revolution and has now become a prominent figure in this country. In the field of education, the power to re-create and express Islamic happiness in an extraordinary way, Shahid Motahari and Dr. If we know correctly that Shariati is a follower, then his presence in Tehran University will revive the existence of Motahhari and Shariati.

One of the areas that explained how Islam answers the questions of modern man, all resolved from his point of view of the Enlightenment, was so successful, so kind, so creative, and spoiled everything. The evil and immorality that came. Today, in different regions of the country, you can see their followers and intellectual lovers, who all owe etiquette and kindness, remember their names, do their best, and ensure their absence, albeit sad, but their wonderful deeds. . The record is available. can be cited.

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