MVM X33 Gearbox Specialist Repair

MVM is one of the cars that has been launched in Iran in recent years and is used by a large number of people. Considering the high prices of cars in Iran, proper maintenance of cars is very important to prevent their damage. An essential component of any car, especially automatic cars, is the gearbox, with gearbox maintenance playing an important role in the health and continuity of the MVM.

MVM gearbox repair with the best specialists

MVM is a Chinese auto brand famous for producing economy cars. At the beginning of its arrival in Iran, MVM cars managed to capture a large share of sales in the car market due to their similarity with modern cars in terms of appearance and the use of modern technologies such as automatic transmission.

MVM Gearbox Repair Workshop

The MVM x33 gearbox is repaired in Iran more often than other cars due to the number of cars of this brand in Iran. In MVM cars, like most cars currently produced, an automatic transmission is used. The MVM brand is a Chinese brand that has entered the auto market in recent years and is actually a new brand in the market. MV M cars are actually modeled after cars of European brands such as Benz and Porsche, and in appearance they have many similarities with famous cars.

What is an MVM gearbox?

An MVM gearbox is similar to today’s automatic cars and generally has five gears. Compared to Benz and Porsche cars, MVMs are less versatile in efficiency and are produced mostly for city and road driving, and have no sports or racing cars.

The MVM gearbox as the main interface transmits the power generated in the car and generated by the car engine to the car wheels, and after transmitting this force the car wheels can move smoothly. Therefore, if there is a problem with our gearbox, the wheels of the car do not move correctly, the required acceleration is not created in the car, and the performance of the car is disturbed.

MVM Gearbox Repair Workshop

Due to the fact that MVM cars enter Iran more easily compared to other cars, repairs related to MVM cars are carried out in Iran more often than other foreign cars; The gearbox is one of the main parts that are generally included in MVM repairs. Due to the amount of operation and friction it endures throughout the day, the MVM gearbox is more susceptible to wear than other parts of the vehicle. Damage to the MVM gearbox is usually related to the reduced oil level and the wear of the gears inside the vehicle.

Considering that the number of MVM cars in Iran is large, it is difficult to choose the right repair shop for MVM gearbox repair. When choosing the right car repair center, you should consider the knowledge and skills of the personnel in the center, the type of parts that need repair are used and pay attention to the quality of spare parts and the original gearbox oil. All of these items are available at the specialized MVM repair shops and you can take the vehicle to these centers for gearbox servicing and repair without stress.

If MVM automatic transmission repairs are not performed correctly, the vehicle will fail again, and the wrong repair can damage other parts of the vehicle, and in some cases, wrong shifting of the gearbox to the oil transmission tubes of the gearbox leads to A leak occurs, and it turns into oil.

MVM gearbox repair in Tehran is done by expert technicians, all matters related to MVM gearbox repair, from oil change to complete replacement of MVM gearbox in Nambarvan, are done by experts. You can get advice and make an appointment in person for the repair of the MVM gearbox, contact our experts.

MVM Gearbox Troubleshooting

One of the most important things before starting a gearbox repair is troubleshooting, considering that MVM cars are bought and sold more in the market than other foreign cars, the chassis of these cars is familiar to repairmen, but it is still not possible without knowledge, proceed to MVM gearbox repair, because the gearbox is an important part of the vehicle and the gearbox cannot be repaired or even maintained by trial and error.

In some cases, the problems of the MVM gearbox are very large, and it is practically useless to repair the gearbox, and after a while, the gearbox will have problems again due to a high amount of wear, and for this reason, the only solution is to replace the entire gearbox, and buy an MVM gearbox. VM is difficult due to the scarcity of auto parts, and buying a fake or low-quality gearbox will not only waste your time, but also your money. In order to avoid these problems, MVM gearboxes are purchased by Nambarwan Group, and all parts of the gearbox and the gearbox itself are provided with a warranty and guarantee so you can rest assured about the quality of the gearbox.

Learn more about the MVM brand

MVM is a famous Chinese auto brand that has good sales in the Iranian market currently. MVM cars are equipped with automatic transmission. MVM transmission repair is due to the large number of these cars in Iran compared to other cars. More is being done. Repair of the MVM gearbox is not an easy task, contrary to popular belief, automatic gearboxes of any type and model have a special structure, and repairs on such cars cannot be compared with cars with a manual gearbox.

MVM is a Chinese company and its cars are assembled and sold in Iran, and for the first time in 2001, MVM cars were produced and sold in the new city of Arg by Madirim Khodro. The products of the Chinese company Chery Automobiles are produced in two groups, MVM and Chery. The cars of the MVM group are X33, X22, X33S, x55, MVM 110, MVM 520, MVM 550, MVM 315 and the products of the Chery group are Arizo 5, Arizo 6, Tigo 5 and Tigo.7 cars.

MVM gearbox oil change

Gear oil is an essential component of automatic transmissions. If your vehicle is serviced at a company authorized service center, you don’t have to worry about oil changes. Most likely, all maintenance details of your car will be preserved and all necessary changes and repairs will be made in a timely manner.

The problem is that most people only pay attention to their car service when their car is new. Changing the gearbox oil is a regular service and will be performed at any service. You should know when this oil was last changed and most importantly when to change it again.

Refer to your vehicle’s manual and always follow what your vehicle manufacturer recommends. They have done a lot of research and development to find out what works best for your MVV and how often you should change transmission fluid to avoid problems. If your car manufacturer suggests changing the automatic transmission oil after a few miles, do it on time.

Once you get used to the smooth shifting of the gearbox, you will notice the slightest change in the strange behavior of the MVM gearbox. Don’t wait any longer and instead go to your mechanic ASAP and ask them to do the necessary work. It could be a very minor problem that can be fixed right away, but ignoring it could get you in trouble because the underlying problem could escalate and affect other components of your car. If neglected for too long, even small issues can lead to major malfunctions, which may require major repairs in the long run.

It is always good to be alert and aware. Once you realize there is a problem, you should seek professional help. This doesn’t just apply to your car’s automatic transmission, it applies to any vehicle and any component. What can be resolved in time can cost you dearly later. The more time you spend on fixing the problem and ignoring the transmission problem, the more time and cost of the transmission service will be.

In Tehran, automatic transmissions of all types of MVM cars are carried out by experts, before repair the transmission is completely checked and troubleshooting is carried out, after which, depending on the type of problem, the appropriate method is used to repair it .

MVM Automatic Transmission Replacement

After you buy the new gearbox, it is necessary to change the gearbox, if you buy your gearbox from our range, there is no problem because we will replace and service the gearbox with the best quality for you. If you set up the gearbox yourself, you can contact our experts so that your gearbox will be replaced after taking the necessary steps. Doing regular service on time reduces the need to replace the entire transmission.

MVM gearbox repair cost

The cost of repairing MVM gearbox varies according to the type of vehicle, MVM cars have different types in the market and the newer models benefit from the better and better quality gearbox compared to the older models. MVM gearbox repair includes many services that can make a difference in the total price of a vehicle repair. For example, changing MVM gearbox oil is less expensive compared to other gearbox repair services, but the same gearbox oil if it is not replaced on the right over time, can cause wear and tear of the gearbox gears, in which case it is necessary Replace all damaged gears.

gearbox definition

The gearbox, which is called the gearbox in Persian, is the part that transmits the power produced by the engine to the wheels of the car and thus causes them to move. This part is the interface between the engine and the wheels.

gearbox functions

The task of the gearbox is to adjust and transmit power and control from the engine to other parts. It also helps to adjust the direction of the vehicle. Other functions of the gearbox include preventing unwanted speeds and enabling the vehicle to activate instantly.

MVM gearbox

The gearboxes used in MVM cars are manual and automated. The MVM 315, one of MVM’s best-selling products, has a four-speed automatic transmission. The gearbox for the MVM X55 is 6-speed and 2-clutch.

One of the new MVM products is the MVM X33S AT SPORT, which is considered one of the most complete cars of the MVM generation in terms of comfort and technical features. The gearbox used in this car is the 5-speed AT automatic gearbox which increases the car’s acceleration.

Automatic transmission problems

If you want to have a healthy car, you should try to maintain it, one of the important parts of the car is the power transmission system, and to prevent the car power transmission system from failing, you should visit the car for service regularly. If there is any problem with the gearbox, go to the repair shop immediately. Some transmission problems include a check engine light that comes on, howling or whining, violent jerks, noises when the vehicle is in neutral, stalling when changing gears, not shifting gears, clutch leaking and squeaking, and involuntary shifting. Ribs and smell burnt.

The reason for the howling of the MVM gearbox

The howling sound in the MVM has various causes. The most important reason is gearbox oil pressure. Other reasons such as gear failure, planetary gear sets and differential gears, gear sharpening, gears and soft wear, etc. It can cause howling in the gearbox. The howling sound in new cars is caused by poor quality gearbox, poor assembly quality and improper engagement of gear surfaces.

The importance of changing MVM gearbox oil

Gear oil plays an important role in the health of a vehicle’s transmission system. This oil helps the gearbox to move smoothly and smoothly. It also increases the useful life of gearbox parts. In addition, it prevents noise in the gearbox parts. All of the above leads to better vehicle performance.

MVM gearbox oil change marks

gear shift

Difficulty changing gears

abnormal sounds

Because of its importance to the proper functioning of the vehicle, MVM gearbox repair should be done by experienced persons in specialized centers, if the MVM gearbox needs to be replaced, original and original gearboxes should be used for its replacement. Using the right central services will increase the efficiency and effectiveness of your vehicle. Most MVM repair professionals advise people to visit the MVM oil change at the appointed times. MVM car is one of the foreign cars available in the Iranian market, that is why its parts are not easily found in Iran, so the cost of repairing it is higher than cars of the same class.

The elimination of the torque converter as well as the presence of a clutch behind the engine are among the most important advantages of the AMT automatic transmission system installed in a vehicle such as the MVM. You should know that the torque converter requires an excessive use of power to operate, while systems that have the transmission of the clutch from the engine to the transmission take place with minimal power loss.

Another advantage of the MVM automatic transmission is the presence of multiple gears, which were not available in conventional automatic transmissions due to many problems. Also, the low price of the AMT transmission system made this car even more popular.

The way the gearbox works is that its computer brain first measures a number of factors such as how much pressure is applied to the gas pedal or engine speed, then the clutch is released and the gear changes. It should be noted that these steps are performed in such a way that the driver does not feel stuck or interrupted.

mvm AMT automatic transmission components

TCU or computer brain

Engines and clutches

Electric throttle

In general, automatic transmission repair is very important, and a specialized team should be able to solve the problem in the shortest possible time and at minimal cost.

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