Food with cooked meat and rice

Meat is present in many popular Iranian dishes. It can also be seen in the best and most popular Iranian stews, such as vegetable and meat stews. In addition to these two types of foods that have been mentioned, other foods are also prepared with meat. In the following, we will discuss the most common types of cooked meat. Also, contact us to buy modified meat in the market and buy white meat.

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Introducing different types of foods with cooked meat

Here we have a list of different types of food with pieces of meat, each of them has a great taste and it would not be so difficult and complicated to prepare them at home.


Abghoosht is one of the authentic Iranian dishes. This dish has long been a favorite among Iranians and has its fans in Iranian restaurants abroad. Meat broth is prepared in different ways in different regions of Iran, but its main ingredients are fatty lamb, Omani lemon and chickpeas. Usually, the broth is served in two stages. In the first step, they separate the water and pour it over the slices of bread, and in the next step, the ingredients, such as peas, meat, and beans, are crushed with a meat grinder.

Celery stew

One type of food cooked with meat is celery stew. Celery gravy is one of those dishes that have their own fans. Celery has many properties and for those who cannot eat raw celery, this food is a good alternative to benefit from its properties. Celery soup is very similar to vegetable soup, but it differs from it in terms of taste. The ingredients for celery stew consist of cooked celery, meat, and herbs such as mint and parsley.

Bagalipolo with meat

Bean pilaf with meat is a more popular dish than celery gravy. Bakkali pilaf with meat is one of the dishes served at private parties. The meat for this dish is usually from the muscle or neck of the lamb. This noble dish is also prepared with plain rice as well as bagali pilaf. In this case it will be called meat. Given that the meat for this dish is lamb, there are ways to make it so that it does not smell like meat.

Gheyema stew

Gheema broth is one of the popular Iranian dishes and is considered one of the types of cooked meat. Ghee has a special place among Iranian dishes. In a way it is also cooked as an offering in religious ceremonies. There are many types of ghee broth, but the best is eggplant ghee or potato ghee with red meat. But some people make it with chicken, mushrooms, or even ground beef, according to their taste.

Vegetable soup

It can be said that the most popular Iranian food among young and old people is Qurum Sabzi. This popular dish also has its fans abroad. Unlike other dishes, the way Garmeh sabzi is prepared has not changed from the beginning and is prepared as it was back in the day. For example, the way gravy is made has changed a lot from 100 years ago to today. This food has many properties due to the raw materials it contains, such as vegetables such as fenugreek and legumes such as beans. Beans are rich in fiber, calcium and vegetable protein, and even if a person does not eat green bean meat, he will get all the nutrients his body needs from this food. Crimean vegetables include leeks, parsley, cilantro, and a little bit of fenugreek.

rice and beans

Bean pilaf is a mixed rice dish that is mostly prepared in the spring when fresh green beans are available. Of course, most green beans are prepared in the spring and stored in the freezer for consumption in other seasons. As one of the types of stewed meat, bean pilaf has different cooking recipes. Bean pilaf with minced meat is probably more popular than the rest. In the event that bean pilaf with a piece of meat is cheaper in some regions and this form is preferred. It should be noted that in addition to red meat, it is also cooked with chicken and has its fans.

Spinach plum stew

Spinach plum stew is a type of stewed meat dish and is one of the traditional Iranian stews that are mostly served at parties. This food has many properties due to the presence of peaches and spinach in it. Spinach plum stew is rich in vitamins and nutrients due to the presence of spinach in it, which is useful for strengthening the immune system in the body, healthy skin and hair, preventing cancer and bone strength.

Usually this dish is prepared with red meat from veal or sheep, but in addition to red meat, it is also common to prepare this dish with chicken or turkey. Of course it should be noted that this dish without meat is a suitable option for vegetarians. The vegetable in plum spinach soup is a mixture of leeks and spinach.

Meat and vegetable foods

This food is an international food that is made in different countries with different vegetables. In this dish, stewed meat or pieces of meat are used. The vegetables for this dish usually include a combination of potatoes, carrots, bell peppers or green peppers, garlic, onions, and green beans, although some also use strings in this dish.

Cloud Nizar

Qayem nazar is another popular Iranian dish, whose recipe is from Qazvin. Unlike ghee broth, this dish is a pilaf dish, and in this dish they also use pieces of meat. There are almond slices, pistachio slices, orange slices, barberries in nizar ghee. Barberry and orange peel are usually used to decorate this dish. Therefore, if you are looking for a variety of dishes with stewed meat, you can rely on Nazar Ghee.

Food with meat cooked in the oven

To prepare a dish with meat stewed in the oven, you must first cut the meat into small pieces and mix it with onions and vegetables of your choice such as garlic, carrots and saffron. Then add some oil or butter to these ingredients if desired and leave them in the oven at 180 degrees for 30 minutes. Adding spices like turmeric and black pepper will make this dish even tastier.

Food with pieces of meat and rice

To prepare food with pieces of meat and rice, the rice should be dried separately and the stewed meat roasted and cooked with spices in low water with spices such as turmeric, black pepper and garlic, until it tastes good. Then add the meat to the drained rice and let it soak. This dish is very popular as one of the stewed meat dishes.

Food with pieces of meat without rice

If you want to prepare a dish with pieces of meat without rice, it is sufficient to put the pieces of meat with vegetables such as chopped celery, chopped carrots, chopped potatoes, etc., in a suitable container and leave it on low heat until it is well steamed. (It’s best to cook more meat first and then add it to these vegetables so they don’t go raw.)

Spaghetti with cooked meat

We usually make spaghetti with minced meat. But you can use cooked minced meat instead of minced meat in preparing this dish. For this purpose the process of preparing spaghetti is similar to what we have with minced meat, only the stewed meat must be fried and after adding the paste and spices, it is cooked in water until it is completely soft. As one of the types of stewed meat, this dish is very popular with children.

Meat and mushroom broth

When preparing meat and mushroom gravy, we need meat chops with mushroom slices. This soup enters the cooking stage after roasting the meat. For this purpose, it is sufficient to fry the meat with onions, then leave it with mushroom slices and some paste and spices until it is cooked over low heat and is well cooked.

How to prepare kebab leaves

The method of making paper kebab with lamb requires special skills and you must have seasoned the meat well so that the kebab does not give off an unpleasant smell. In the same way, in preparing Hosseini Kebab, seasoning the meat is the golden key to cooking this dish, which makes your Kebab tasty and fragrant.

How to prepare meat and other foods

Meat food is one of the delicious foods prepared using pieces of meat. In the preparation of this food, meat, beets, carrots, potatoes and Bukhara plums are used. It is necessary to fry the meat a little first and then put it in a pot with some water along with the other ingredients that you cut before to cook it. This dish is very popular as one of the stewed meat dishes.

grated stew

Halal soup is a kind of delicious stew that uses almonds. To prepare this soup with pieces of meat, the meat must be divided into small pieces and fried with grated onions. Then toast the sliced ​​almonds and place them with the grilled and stewed meat to match.

Preparation of meat and potato feed

Meat and potato food is a hearty and tasty dish and if it is prepared well, the whole family will love it. To prepare this dish, the meat must be cut into medium pieces and fried in oil with grated onions or garlic. Then we put the meat in a pressure cooker or saucepan and let it cook. When you are sure that the meat is done, put it with the cut potatoes on the fire until the potatoes are cooked with the meat and ready to be served. You can serve this food as a piece or crush it and make it into minced meat.

Menu with lamb

Among the dishes that can be prepared with mutton are vegetable kurmi, khtiari kebab, kebab leaves, all kinds of meat balls, ground kebabs, ghee, paan roast, abgousht, plum and spinach stew, etc. What other dishes do you know that can be prepared with lamb?


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