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An online reporter, Hojjat al-Islam Muhammad Jawad Ali Akbari, on Tuesday evening, in the virtual ceremony commemorating the second anniversary of the martyrdom of the martyred jihadist journalist Mustafa Akhlaq on Instagram and live TV screen, reported the number of moral qualities of this high level. Shahid mentioned: Efforts in the Field of Information and Enlightenment: Cultural Jihad is an example of the Great Jihad, which is a stage of struggle that deals with content, content and content. Raising the children of society by publishing good and preserving values.

He said: “The influence of a treacherous and arrogant media empire that is trying to put the Muslim community under its control has escalated against the Supreme Leader of Jihad and the great media revolution for young believers.” The Quranic verses in this context talk about the struggle to disobey the infidels, and this is based on the cultural conflict that focuses on the field of media, and the virtual space is one of the examples of the great jihad that operates through the media. . Government. And overcoming the mindset of people to achieve the desired results.

Experts in religious affairs said: The Islamic community must obey the will of God and strengthen the foundations of the Islamic community in terms of thought, content and content, and to maintain the revolutionary borders that jihad wants and cannot. It can be achieved through normal and traditional work. The wave of infidelity must be defeated, and the virtues and virtues of Islam must be proclaimed through the great media of jihad.

The cultural jihad of the media is one example of the greater jihad

Ali Akbari pointed out: In the cultural jihad, the spirit of jihad and self-sacrifice must be present, and that one abandons youth and wealth, and there is injustice in this field, and the field is tireless, bored, and hopeless. It must be. They have the necessary skills and knowledge and there is a lot of arts involved in entering this field.

He said: The cultural jihad fighter is a great mujahid, when this front loses a person like Mustafa Akhlaq, it incurs a great loss, but there is hope that dozens of other squatters will appear among the youth, and we are sure that these strongholds. It will not remain empty and the youth will rise.” It is full of enthusiasm and we are witnessing great developments.

Guide people too most valuable Work continues throughout a person’s life

As Majid Esmaeili said in this incident: In man’s short life, he does not know the time of his end, people always try to know what is best to do, and this question is raised among the innocent and their loved ones. . And the innocent say that work in this world is no less valuable than the sea for a bowl of water and saves man from unfortunate situations.

He added: This is to bring man to a favorable position and guide him from the prohibition of good and evil, and he respects the imams of the purest (peace be upon him) this and the people who did that, especially the person who influenced him. for him. A lot of people had a very positive outlook and they cared a lot about it.

Media experts said: In the early days of Islam, infallible imams presented many gifts and prizes to poets. Mabe In today’s age, poetry is a means directed at a wide range of people who have chosen the best work of their lives to dominate this space.

The cultural jihad of the media is one example of the greater jihad

Ismaili pointed out: If we do not have a positive presence in the process of changing society, society will move towards negative and destructive developments, and we must deal with positive and negative variables appropriately and be in the media and resist negative changes. . The big media is jihad. Its value in the eyes of Ahl al-Bayt (peace be upon him)a) God is one of the sublime deeds, and the Supreme Leader has emphasized it a lot, and the literature on the development of language is a research that must be mastered in a special way.

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