China expressed regret over the meeting between the British and Taiwanese officials

China expressed its regret at the meeting of the British Minister of Security with the Taiwanese minister.

China expressed regret over the meeting between the British and Taiwanese officialsAccording to the international service of the Sedavasima News Agency, quoting Reuters, the Chinese embassy in London condemned, on Sunday, the meeting between British Security Minister Tom Tugendat and Taiwanese Minister of Digital last week, and said that this meeting violated international relations.

On Wednesday, Tugenda met Taiwan’s Minister for Digital Affairs, Audrey Tang, during a rare high-level ministerial visit to England. According to a source, the two discussed common security interests.

China regards Taiwan as part of its territory and firmly opposes foreign interference in the island. Now, a spokesperson for the Chinese Embassy in London said in a statement: “This action seriously violates the one-China principle and basic norms of international relations. This sends a serious wrong signal to the separatist forces and deeply interferes in affairs.” China’s internal affairs. China deeply regrets and firmly opposes this matter.”

On the other hand, he stressed: “We want to make it clear to the British side that any action that undermines China’s interests will be met with a decisive response.”

Britain only has formal diplomatic relations with Beijing, but has an embassy in Taiwan. Two years ago, Tugendat was placed on China’s sanctions list for speaking out about human rights abuses in Xinjiang. He is not a full-fledged cabinet minister, but he does attend cabinet meetings in his capacity as Minister of Security, where he is responsible for counter-terrorism, domestic threats, and government.

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