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Minister of Communications: In 1401, we did not have a pre-planned internet outage

Zaripur with an emphasis on existence Internet monitoring panelsHe said, “We have control panels to monitor the situation and we didn’t have any pre-planned outages that we wanted to communicate in advance and the technical discussion was always there, but we are trying to minimize these outages.”

Minister of Communications regarding the Internet outage in 1401, which occurred at times due to disturbances in the country’s infrastructure network and failure to notify the Telecom Infrastructure Company in a timely manner about it to be sure“There are information panels and screens in my room where I can see the status of the connections at the moment, and if there are 100% of the connections in the lower country, it will alert at the moment,” Ha said.

Minister of Communications: In 1401, we did not have a pre-planned internet outage

Links down due to problems in georgia

Pointing out that all our links in Azerbaijan, Armenia and Turkey had been cut off in the past weeks due to the problems in Georgia, he said, “We had a 15-minute outage that we introduced from the south side. We have created a capacity more than three times the current consumption of users, and that too from various sources.

The Minister of Communications and Information Technology pointed out the importance of diversifying internet traffic routes for his orders to the infrastructure company and said, “On the first day, the CEO of the infrastructure company Requested To increase the diversity of the country’s traffic supply routes and not only a few countries and a few companies. I told my colleagues if we have more than one power outage affecting people, be sure to let them know.”

According to Zaribour, people’s concern about the internet being cut off is due to false news from some undocumented websites. Stressing that some undocumented websites worry people with false news about service outages, he said, “Our duty is to provide high-quality traffic to all people and we are doing what we can.”

The Minister of Communications confirmed that the internet outage in 1401 was not planned, and was due to a disruption in the traffic supply path. However, planned or sudden disruptions and outages have seriously affected the country’s digital economy. From the Chamber of Commerce to other private sector organizations, they have expressed concern about internet outages several times in 1401.


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