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According to an online reporter, Hojjat al-Islam Parviz Valizadeh praised on Tuesday evening at a meeting of the advisors for martyrs’ affairs, ministers and directors of executive agencies in Mazandaran for Mazandaran’s positive performance in changing the conditions of the sons of martyrs and said: A large number of martyrs. These children are in different institutions including medical sciences, education, reproductive, condition and employment.

He announced that the number of unemployed children of martyrs in the province is 600, referring to the participation of 9,500 children of martyrs in Mazandaran province, he said in a special examination: “The problem is the debts of the children of witnesses in the province.” Solved.

He asked the advisors for the affairs of warriors in the executive bodies of the governorates about the ranks of work and organization, and said about the friendship of the children of martyrs, which lasted eight years: It is likely that these children will retire eight years ago. He was fired early

Hojjat al-Islam Valizadeh stated that the Martyr’s Foundation will bear all medical expenses for the families of the martyrs and said: “We are pursuing the appropriate solution to solve the problem.”

5,600 children who sacrificed themselves reached the Ministry of Oil

Syed Sharif Hosseini, advisor to the Minister of Oil for Martyrs Affairs, announced the change of status of 5,600 children of martyrs’ children in this ministry, and said: 26,000 people are also changing their status.

He stated that all medical expenses for the children of martyrs and martyrs are paid in the Ministry of Oil, and he said: In this ministry as well, based on the government’s order and the opinion of the jihadists, more than 25% of the children of veterans are directly. Works. contractual and their status is determined outside the legal discussion. become important.

Spirit of God waiting list The deputy of the Political Security of the Governor of Mazandaran described the unemployment of the children of martyrs and soldiers as a cause of concern and said: not important to hire them Section They are programs

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