Emrsan refrigerator has become the best-selling product in the market again

According to reports obtained from the official website of this company, Emrsan refrigerator managed to claim the title of the best-selling product in the Iranian market in the category of household appliances. But it appears that this is not the first time that Emersan refrigerators and freezers have achieved this position on the market. We must see if it is because of its high quality and design or just the price of Amersan refrigerator made it more popular and attractive in the home appliance market. Considering that this happened in previous years as well, checking the status and performance of this brand can be a good guide for other companies and brands in the same field in the home appliance industry.

About Emerson’s best seller refrigerator

According to the reports and surveys conducted in the Iranian home appliances market, one of the best-selling products in the market is the 20-foot Amersan refrigerator and freezer. Over the past years, this title among the types of refrigerators and freezers belonged to the 18-foot model of the same company, which it still holds, and this is an indication of the high quality and improved usability of Emersan brand products based on the needs of users. It should be noted that the Emrsan brand has other diverse products in the field of household appliances and refrigerators, which also occupy a significant part of the market.

Emerson refrigerator 20 feet

The main feature of Emrsan refrigerators is their 20-foot design and convenient size, this part of this product is placed on top of the refrigerator and occupies 230 liters of its 307-liter capacity. Also, this capacity is well arranged to provide the best productivity to its users. 4 movable glass shelves for food storage, 2 spacious side-by-side drawers for storing fruits and vegetables, and 4 envelopes of different dimensions for storing cans, bottles and eggs cleverly cover the entire refrigerator section.

Emerson 20 Cubic Feet Freezer

Emerson’s 20-foot freezer section has been able to best meet the needs of small families for storing frozen foods. Although the capacity of this section is only 77 liters, it will easily provide a small family. In this section, two large freezer drawers and a medium drawer are used along with a manual drawer at the top for the partition. But unlike the refrigerator section, there are no envelopes on the door.

Emerson refrigerator 20 feet

Some believe that the best selling reason for this product is the price of Emersan 20ft refrigerator, and it seems that the reasonable price of this product along with various facilities, suitable capacity and good interior and exterior design made this product find a lot. Fans among customers. This is not too strange, this has previously happened to another very expensive product from the Amersan brand called the 18 ft refrigerator. According to previous data, it can be said that the conversion of the Amersan 20-cubic-foot refrigerator was directly related to its relatively reasonable price.

Emersan brand

Emrsan is one of the old Iranian brand that has been producing home refrigerators and freezers since 1360. Initially, this brand achieved high sales with its 16ft single freezers, and after years and with increasing market demand, this product was replaced by Emerson size refrigerator freezers 18 and 20 feet. The 18-foot product was able to find a very good place among the people, so much so that it became one of the best-selling refrigerator-freezers on the market. During recent years and with changing market needs, this title has reached the 20-foot model. For this reason, Emrsan has invested more to develop new designs for this product.

Emerson refrigerator design

Initially, designing Emrsan refrigerators in 20-foot models was simple and commonplace. The refrigerator door was located at the top and a smaller freezer door was placed at the bottom, a simple water cooler was installed at the bottom of the refrigerator door, and a vertical touch screen was installed at the top. Both doors are also decorated with balanced vertical lever handles.

new design

After the popularity of this product, Emrsan started designing and introducing a new model along with the old one. The design of this new product has been made simpler and added cool colors of blue, yellow, red, pink and black. The water cooler was removed from the door, giving more space for the refrigerator door envelopes, and two wide envelopes were added on the freezer door. The vertical display has also been moved to the top of the refrigerator and the interior. Also, the simple vertical knobs gave way to the classic small horizontal knobs. This product had a higher price; But it was very attractive to those interested in modern designs.

After-sales service guarantee for Emersan refrigerator

36 months warranty Emersan refrigerator It shows manufacturers’ confidence in the quality and construction of this product and has eased consumers’ minds that if there is any problem, they can use three years after-sales service after installing the products. Emersan with this guarantee has put the motto of trust into practice to demonstrate his full commitment to his motto in practice.


Recently, the title of best-selling refrigerator in the Iranian market has reached the 20-foot-high Amirsan refrigerator, a title that previously belonged to the 18-foot model of this brand. It seems that changes in the current market have given this place to the 20-foot model, Emersan recently decided to offer newer models of 20-foot refrigerators and freezers with better usability and a more attractive appearance. Despite the optimal arrangement, the small space occupied by this product, the build quality and of course the price of the Emrsan refrigerator was the most popular among home users and increased its sales in the market.

Taken from Bihamta website ( Emrsan Refrigerator Provider

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