Unprofessional like Ando Teymourian!

In my opinion, Esteghlal played a very good game and until the 87th minute, when I saw, Esteghlal was in the game and Persepolis was also working on counter-attacks. It’s a derby, the sensitivity of the game is high, and both teams are on the championship track. I hope Esteghlal will be the champion at the end of the season.

These are the words of Andranik Teymourian, Amir Ghali-Noyi’s assistant and national team coach. Teymourian, who went to Azadi Stadium as a member of the national team’s coaching staff to watch the 100th derby match, wished success to his former team after the match.

There is no point in wishing success to the previous team and even being a fan, but when you go to the field as a coach of the national team, you should look at history impartially. It seems the former soccer samurai is still in the mood for his soccer days and still doesn’t understand his official position in the national team. Ando Timourian, who has a history of playing in the Premier League and the World Cup, is expected to act and act professionally.

With Teymourian talking about the derby and his desire to reconcile with Esteghlal, there is a suspicion that they look at the story in the same color when selecting the national team players, and there is no national perspective.


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