Which China are you talking about?

These dear friends, as I said, either have no accurate knowledge of China or they ignore themselves and see one thing and not another. They see that China is strict in the field of public access to cyberspace, but they do not see or do not want to see that the same strict government was able to raise the national per capita income of this country to the highest and equal level. to the per capita national income of the United States and is about to reach twelve thousand dollars. The same government has eradicated poverty in a country of more than 1 billion 300 million people, not in the sense of giving them alms, but in increasing the per capita income of every Chinese to more than ten thousand dollars and the highest level of social welfare He has created for his people.

Well, you see, our friends never talk to us about such China; While it is natural that any government can provide such universal prosperity, rest, peace, and happiness to its people in the field of economics, if it is strict in some issues, no one will be upset and will not notice or ignore such strictness for the convenience of his own. Of course, this does not mean that China is perfect, and the main purpose of this article is not to praise and praise China and criticize Iran and its officials, but rather it is just a recommendation to learn and be fair in speaking to the people and to set an example for them.

Which China are you talking about?

Honestly, one of the reasons for that book “The Chinese Dream: About Building a Humane Society with a Shared Future” I translated it to show the type and style of the Chinese president’s speech to his people and the world. This book includes Xi Jinping’s ideas and his broad vision of the Party, the Chinese people, and the Chinese state, but the basis of all of them is based on economics. In fact, the cornerstone of Xi’s vision is the “Chinese Dream”, which is based on two main pillars, which are called the Bicentenary or Bicentenary Goals. The first goal is to make China a “relatively prosperous society” by the centenary of the founding of the Communist Party and to double the per capita income of China to ten thousand dollars from what it was in 2010, which will be achieved. 2021 with lots of festivities and celebrations and celebrate the goal.

The next goal is for China to become a prosperous, strong, democratic, culturally advanced and harmonious modern socialist country in all fields and directions by the centenary of the founding of the People’s Republic of China in 2049. The economy was the central core of Xi Jinping’s Chinese Dream. According to Xi and the Communist Party, unless China can maintain high economic growth for decades to come, its national strength will weaken, living standards will decline and unemployment will rise, with potentially dire consequences for the party’s legitimacy in the eyes of the public. .

Therefore, you can see that this type of Chinese has nothing in common with that type of Chinese that is spoken of in our country. Therefore, it is necessary for our friends in various responsibilities to have a correct understanding of China today. Even if they believe that Mao’s China was or is still in their minds, they should know that Mao’s China had no result other than the death and destruction of more than three million Chinese, and the field became so narrow that he himself came to understand that the country needed to open up and he did that. We must make clear our duty, and even if the focus of our foreign policy is the slogan “Look East”, we must sincerely follow the example of this China and even other eastern axis countries on some issues, including prosperity and economic growth, and accept that our people later do not It is worth this economic pressure and this chaotic situation for four decades, and let us learn how China has brought its people out of the humiliation of poverty, hunger and helplessness to happiness and joy.

“Continuous economic growth is an important part of the unwritten social contract between the Communist Party and the Chinese people,” said former Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd in his book “Avoidable War”. They found that as long as economic growth and prosperity dominate society, the legitimacy of the Communist Party is guaranteed, but if growth slows down, this contract will be under severe pressure. This is why the party is concerned with ensuring adequate economic growth and maintaining high living standards, employment and social stability in the long term. Xi Jinping also acknowledges that the basis of all the country’s national strength rests ultimately on economic strength.

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