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According to one of the correspondents on the Internet, Ayatollah Reza Ramzani attended, on Tuesday evening, the commemoration ceremony of the martyrdom of Hazrat Zahra (peace be upon him).s) In the Imam Zafar Al-Sadiq Mosquea) Rasht said that the Lady of the Islamic world is a unique model for all Muslims, Rasht said: The lifestyle of Hazrat Zahra is a successful and effective model for every human being.

Secretary General of the International Symposium of Ahl al-Bayt (PBUH)a) Pointing out that faith and belief lead to the growth and advancement of a person’s personality, he said: A person must make a decision and put in a lot of effort for the prosperity of his personality, and in this way he follows the perfect divine patterns.

He is Hazrat Zahra (pbuh).s) In her short life she enjoyed all the moral virtues, and she said, “The stature of this woman was so great that Heaven wished for her existence, because she did her best to please God in her life.”

In a meeting with leadership experts, the representative of the Gilan people considered sincerity to be the secret of human longevity and explained: if a person has the right intention, he will choose the right path.

He stressed that a person should educate himself for the sake of God, and added: All our actions, thoughts, and intentions must aim to please God, so that we may reach God’s closeness and become immortal.

Ayatollah Ramzani explained that the Western world is trying to distance people from material and spiritual education, responsibility and justice, and said: If a person is distracted, he will not see well and will not speak well.

He said that the West wants to erase the truth and distort the hearts of our youth, and said: If the name of God enters the hearts of people, he will succeed.

A reference to the position of the spiritual authorities and Hazrat Al-Zahra (peace be upon her).s) And he made it clear before God: he was a Muslim, a believer in God, and an example of a perfect ruler.

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