More than 6000 coronary patients were transferred to Al-Qaim Hospital in Rasht – Online News Agency | Iran and world news

According to Internet correspondent Dr. Alireza Krimzad Hag, he thanked the reporters during the health week for their efforts, especially during the outbreak of the Corona virus, and said: “It is one of the operations of this hospital.” international Qaim (imams)for exampleWe strive to provide desirable and high quality medical services to the community.

He continued, “In the context of the Corona crisis, more medical services will be provided to Corona patients in non-governmental hospitals in Gilan.” international Qaim (imams)for example) there was.

Managing Director of Qomh International Hospital (for exampleHe continued, referring to the tenth anniversary of the establishment of this hospital: Al-Ful Hospital international Qaim (imams)for exampleAs the largest and most well-equipped private health center in the north of the country, this center has provided more services to Crohn’s patients for two years.

And he continued, “With the efforts of the medical staff, doctors and nurses in the hospital, more than 6000 patients infected with Corona virus were transferred to the hospital during this period.” And Most patients returned to their families in good general condition And.

A doctor says he is a martyr in the corona crisis in this hospital. “This hospital, which is equivalent to all the hospitals of the non-governmental sector in Gilan province, has registered and treated the coronavirus disease during the Corona crisis,” said Kremzad Haug.

“Supporting people, especially in crises, is one of the consistent principles of hospital administrators and founders,” he said. international Qaim (imams)for example) there.

Every year from 17 to 23 RDBHEHS is called Inter-Hospital Health Week. international Qaim (imams)for exampleAs one of the best equipped hospitals in northern Iran with 280 beds and 45 beds (ICU), advanced facilities, diagnostic and treatment equipment, its primary mission is to provide desirable services to patients.

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