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Amir Hussein Talabi Reg The Ardabil Provincial Development Council said: With a 3-year plan and the provision of the necessary funding, the construction of the national team camp will be completed quickly.

Referring to the necessity of providing 27% of added value to the project, he said, “The final agreement was reached with the governor of Ardabil to implement the camp’s operations on the allocated land.”

“This plan will be implemented with a 9% reduction in the value allocated to sports and youth,” the Deputy Minister for Resource Development at the Ministry of Sports and Youth said in a statement. Hurry up to the national team camp.

“Given the duration of the work and the submission of the advertisement, it is expected that 27% of the credit for 10 approved sports projects will be made available by the end of July.”

He said: 30% of these resources are dedicated to setting up camps for the national team in Sareen, and in cooperation with regional officials we can provide this huge project to organize the national teams and the club.

The Deputy Minister of Resource Development at the Ministry of Sports and Youth declared the necessity of urgency in building the team’s camp and said, “We hope that the executive operation of this project will begin in the working season and part of the project will be completed.” It was launched at the end of this year.

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