Eve International Festival deals with the role of women and strengthening the family

The Vice President of the University for Technological Development and Film Studies, noting that the role of women and the family is discussed at the Eve International Festival, said: 6 specialized meetings will be held at this festival in the presence of thinkers and experts in this field.

Eve International Festival deals with the role of women and strengthening the familyAccording to the news agency Sedavsima, the Qadir Ashna, Deputy Director of Technology Development and Film Studies, during his appearance on the affirmative radio, referred to the holding of the Hawa International Festival and its specialized meetings, adding: The specialized sessions of this festival deal with issues of comparing women in Islam. And the West, ways to strengthen family cohesion in the global march. The development and necessity of the Iranian Islamic family model, the study of the role of the family and women in society, the study of the status of women in cinema before and after the revolution, the study of the role of women in sacred defense cinema, and the study of the role and position of the family in Iranian cinema are discussed.

The description of the conversation is as follows:

Question: We want to talk about one of the cultural discussions that we talked about in the past days, the Hawa Festival. We are talking with Mr. Qadir Ashna, the respected Vice President for Technological Development and Film Studies, who is an expert in this field. Please, about the first period of the festival, can you clarify?

familiar: In the slogan of the first Eve International Film Festival, before it was a purely artistic work, it was a cultural trend. In Iranian and Islamic culture, the family and women were the main focus and the main focus of our society, and we believe that no matter how hard we try to spread respect for fathers, the role of the father and the role of the mother as a teacher and love Family and the same kind in the injection community, we will have a good society, from this point of view, the first International Eve Festival has started and this part is in our field and I am really proud of that, in this well-planned festival we benefit from the presence and opinions of local thinkers and experts in the field of cinema And in the field of family, in the field of sociology and psychology, as well as foreign guests. We are all university professors and experts with a scientific face indeed and experts in this field, we are invited, and the first one we met yesterday we have three internal meetings held in Khan Kitab under the title of portraying the family in Iranian cinema from the existing cinema to the promised cinema based on the book of the late Talebzadeh we are trying to know On the current state of cinema and what kind of cinema we should follow and where we should go, and where our society is in reality. And what is needed is discussed. On Monday, our second meeting was held under the title “Women in the Sacred Defense Cinema” based on the existing capabilities of the Sacred Defense Literature as an example of a quote from the cultural book “Crying Only” that was held at Dar Al-Kitab. And another one in the Library House, which is actually on Tuesday 20 at ten o’clock, we will actually witness its convening, under the title of explaining, strengthening and strengthening the role of the family in facing the globalization process, we will have three meetings in Farhang Cinema, which at the same time in fact that the screening of the festival films will take place In the place of the festival and our meetings where we benefit from the local and foreign guests and the family in the community and the last meeting on Thursday, which is in fact the twenty-second strategy to strengthen the cohesion of the family in the process of globalization on the need to present the model of the Iranian and Islamic family. And the university, the provinces will benefit, and the provinces have at least one or two specialized meetings, we tried to cover these meetings via the Internet from the methods that each province has according to its own circumstances, so the group of conversations that revolve around us is a festival and with the screening of films in Tehran and 13 provinces of the country, we will follow Meetings, God willing, willingly, and at the end of the night, we will try if the material that can be presented will be turned into a booklet, edited and made available to everyone, for this direction is the main goal for us.

A question about the point that you said, and it is in this form, professors and students of the field of art, and now there are different fields of art such as cinema and theater or issues like that, were they invited to these meetings, were they informed, are they present or not

familiar: Yes, they are present in each of our meetings, one of the professors in this field, in fact, they are present with other professors, as an example for us in discussing the comparative study of the point of view of Islam and the West on women and men. The family of Dr. Majed Al-Ismaili, and in the section on strengthening Mr. Akbar Nabawi, he plays the role of families.

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