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Holding the tenth night to commemorate the martyrs of the jihadists / unveiling the carpet of the martyrs of the jihadists

The tenth night of commemoration of the martyr Ismail Al-Ahmadi was held today, Sunday, July 25, in Imamzadeh Ismail (PBUH) Chezir.

According to the informants, at the beginning of the ceremony, the young reciter, Syed Muhammad Taha Hosseini, recited several verses from Kalamullah Majid.

Then a clip from the ninth night was shown to commemorate the jihadi martyrs, with the performance of the martyr Ismail Ahmadi.

In another part of this concert Hojjat Al-Islam Factory One of the veterans and jihadists stated that the reward of a fighter in the path of God is no less than martyrdom.

And he continued: I personally feel ashamed of Ismail Al-Ahmadi, he fought hard, but we were heedless of him and did not imagine that one day he would not be among us, martyrdom is a beautiful garment that no one will wear.

This jihadist indicated that the jihadist and revolutionary spirit was seen in martyrs such as Abdullah Wali, Amir Muhammad Azdari, Ismail Ahmadi and Amin Aqaba Shirazi, as they sought to serve people outside working hours, and Ismail Ahmadi had the same spirit, and while one of them was doing it. problem, he will come quickly to solve the problem.

The manufacturer stated: The jihadist and revolutionary spirit is so important that the supreme leader of the revolution insists that without this spirit we cannot get out of the stalemate.

He added: Martyr Ahmadi was one of the people who worked for jihadists in hard-to-reach areas and trained many jihadi children in this way.

This jihadi said: Ismail Ahmadi showed all the sons of his local mosque that many knots can be tied to the ability and efforts of the mosque’s children, the activation of the clinic or gymnasium, the disobedience of disadvantaged and needy families, and disobedience. For the best money in the deprived areas, including the Darwaz Ghar neighborhood, that is, the families of the martyrs, it was one of the measures that he activated among the mosques in the Harandi neighborhood.

And the factory mentioned the memory of Shahid Ismail Ahmadi: One night with Shahid Ahmadi we were supposed to go to visit the disadvantaged families in one of the surrounding areas of the city, and we noticed that some of the directors of the municipality also came, and since they were not looking for anyone, he made a report on these things and pointed to me To send managers to go because he was looking for sincerity.

Hadi Jahangiri One of the old Mujahideen from the group of Imam Reza (PBUH) mentioned the memory of the martyr Al-Azdari on the forty days of Al-Husseini in a part of this ceremony, and indicated that the martyr had a large body in physical terms. Several years ago, the nights in Karbala were very cold, so the jihadists were resting in huts. Mehdi Maskani, one of the jihadists, said one night: “It is good for you jihadists, if something happens to someone from your group, you immediately hug them and take them away, but we are working with a jihadist named Azdari, if something happens to him nothing can be done.

He referred to his second memory of jihadi work in Khuzestan, explaining: In the first year when we entered 16 villages in Khuzestan as a camp, we had little money in terms of budget and we had 600 people in the jihadi group, on the first day. We cooked and ran out of food.

This jihadist continued: We had a friend in the Red Crescent, we called and said that the situation is like this, and he said to write a letter, and we mistakenly wrote 16,000 items instead of 1,600 foodstuffs in the letter. Fortunately, the letter was approved and they gave us 16,000 canned chickens, there was no variety in the canned food, and we had to cook all kinds of food with the canned food until the last day of the camp, until we finally ran out. On the last night.

He said: Jihadi children were making brigades, as there were a lot of children, they poured food into the tub and started kicking them with their plastic feet, they filmed these moments mischievously, and this film spread among the jihadists.

In another part of this concert Hamid Reza Khan MohammadiShahid Ahmadi was very involved in this jihadi celebration, said the head of the Organization for the Restoration, Development and Equipping of Schools in the country, and added: If we want to hold a jihadi celebration, it is in order to keep the discourse of jihad alive. Shahid Ahmadi’s concern was very great. He followed things patiently and took Memorial Nights seriously.

And he continued: Martyr Ahmadi linked every current to the jihadist current and was an energy bomb and his effort was to mediate in this jihad, and in fact the jihad of interpretation appeared in the Ahmadi martyr.

Khan Mohammadi said: Before Al-Ahmadi’s martyrdom, we saw a scene in which he wept with love at Soleimani’s tomb, after which he became an anthologist and left. The last moments of his material life were filled with visiting the graves of the martyrs and turning to them, and this martyr is a source of pride for the jihadist groups.

He also explained about jihadist groups: We told one of the benefactors who came from abroad that we were going to a jihadist camp, and this servant of God was afraid because his idea of ​​jihad was to take up arms after two days. He realized what we mean by jihad, so jihad has different forms, and jihad today is very important in building it.

As a complement to this ceremony, a clip from the life of Martyr Ahmadi, from his childhood until his martyrdom, was broadcast.

then Sardar Syed Ziauddin Hazni One of the leaders of the Revolutionary Guards stated that you cannot do big things with small people, and said: Jihadists are big people who solve a lot of problems, because the sincerity of jihadist groups is very high.

In another part of this concert Zainab Parniyan She read a letter by Shahid Ahmadi. This teenage girl was supposed to read a letter in the ninth period of the night of remembrance of the Jihadi martyrs, but she did not have the opportunity, and Shahid Ahmadi had promised her to read a message in the tenth period. It was from this party that ironically this letter was, and the girl ended up with Shahid Ahmadi himself.

In the last part of this concert Zarghami Barnayan Referring to the area of ​​​​Ahmed Fadalih, one of the old Mujahideen, he explained: Ahmed Fadalih himself chose an Ahmadi martyr, and Ayatollah Marashi al-Najafi, one of the genealogists, declared that Ahmad Fadalih was one of the most accurate generations of the Ahl al-Bayt. (PBUH), Ahmed Fadalih not only has honor, but also grandchildren, and so do they.

And he continued: I told Shahid Ahmadi in one of the memorial ceremonies that I am Ahmed Falah’s son-in-law and I never remembered him.

And this jihadist added: Shahid Ahmadi had great enthusiasm, and he was so persistent in organizing this celebration that there was no limit.

Zarghami Brinyan emphasized: Martyr Ahmadi was bought and elected through Martyr Soleimani. At Shahid Ahmadi’s party, no one was sad, and everyone was sad.

He recalled: In my meeting with Sardar Naqdi, I made a statement contrary to Shahid Ahmadi’s opinion and he was annoyed, but after that meeting he treated me very kindly.

In the end, this jihadi said: Martyr Ahmadi always said that my wish was first for the good of Ahmad Fadalah, and then for martyrdom, and this important thing also happened. Finally, after the Ahmadi martyr, Abad and Ahmadi were martyred.

At the end of this ceremony, and in the presence of a group of jihad veterans, a carpet with the faces of 42 jihadi martyrs was unveiled, and these carpets will be sold at an auction in Tehran.

Holding the tenth night to commemorate the martyrs of the jihadists / unveiling the carpet of the martyrs of the jihadists

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