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UFO Rain at Niavaran Palace

The illustrative art exhibition entitled “Ufo Rain” opened on the evening of Friday, July 19, in the presence of the artists who created works of art in the Blue Hall of the Neverran Museum.

According to the informants, this exhibition was held in the presence of 120 writers from Jahangerd and Ironjard and 120 professional painters.

The works featured in this gallery are architecture and music with themes drawn from climate, geography, history, culture, anthropology, ideas, customs, beliefs, myths and legends, lifestyle, clothing, food, and cultural symbols. And tourism countries or regions may be. Iran

According to this report, the way to create exhibition works is for both the international tourist and the Iranian tourist to describe and write their view of the cultural and tourism environment of a country, nation or region in Iran. . These works written by illustrators are then illustrated on large screens. The paintings displayed in this exhibition are like ambassadors and birds that came from a trip to be a mirror of culture, civilization and tourism in 100 countries and 20 regions in Iran.

This exhibition was held in cooperation with the Historical Cultural Complex of the Nivran and Gerdoneh Mehrgan Group and with the support of the Ministry of Cultural Heritage, Tourism and Handicrafts. Those interested can visit the Museum of the Blue Hall of Nivran until 25 July 1401 from 11:00 to 17:00.

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