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Racist reaction to the ‘Dragon Family’ actor

Former “Game of Thrones” actor Steve Toussaint has announced that he faced a racist backlash online.

British actor Steve Toussaint says he faced a racist backlash online after he was cast as Lord Corliss Philaerion in the series ‘Dragon Family’.

The 57-year-old actor previously appeared in the series “Doctor Who, Heaven of Death”.

Toussaint accepted the title role in House of Dragons, the first part of Game of Thrones. In an interview with Radio Times, he said: When I was introduced as the representative of this character, the first thing I encountered in the virtual space was to put my picture next to the board, and the character was created according to the description. From the book … and then I faced a wave of racist reactions.

The TV series “Dragon Family” is based on the books by “George RR Martin”. In these books, valerian is described as having white skin, very light hair, and purple eyes. However, this character was portrayed as a black man with long silver hair in the Dragon Family series.

“I kind of thought, ‘Oh, this is it,'” Toussaint said of fans’ reaction to the George R.R. Martin series. “When we[Blacks]are supposed to appear as criminals or pirates or slaves in other projects, you don’t. I don’t I mind but now this character is rich and when you are a rich guy you have a problem with that.

Knowing that talking about such racist reactions can draw attention to the problem, the actor believes it is important to expose these racist reactions.

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