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The main issue is how two types of approaches are formed in the public sphere with former Iranian football stars. How can 100 million tomans from Karim Bagheri be considered controversial, but how can 500 million tomans from Yahya Gul Mohammadi be normalized in each match?

According to informants, this newspaper east He wrote: The story of Karim Bagheri being on the bench at Persepolis and the national teams is one of the most complex and inexplicable 100% stories that he worked with a great coach for many years as assistant head coach to Persepolis and continued. Karim has been one of the Iranian assistants to Croatia since Dragon Skosik was appointed coach of the national team at least until last season.

But this aspect is linked to rumors about the former national team shooting midfielder. Karim Bagheri is the head of Persepolis and the national team, and it is not surprising that anyone hears that he is no more technically competent. This analysis, while intertwined with injustice, is based on the appearance of the story. Karim Bagheri’s physical confrontations with the Persepolis players, who were not one or two players, intensified rumors that he would play the role of mediator. However, due to his long presence in the teams of prominent Iranian clubs and a veteran of the Iranian national team, Karim has a history of veterans and has worked with a good coach for many years. If during his years of football and coaching he learned a new point or two each year, he now has enough technical knowledge to be the number one man on the bench on any team and quash the rumor of being a “manager”.

This is part of Karim Bagheri’s career story, which is judged indifferently. The other part that has brought him a lot of margins in recent months is his salary story in the national team. His contract with the national team earned him 100 million tomans from the Iranian Football Federation for each match. The publication of these statistics created a negative atmosphere for them. Karim Bagheri is the only broker, and many who took the old saying that he was not paid described Bagheri’s salary as too high. Bagheri works as a coach for the national team with a total of 100 million tomans per match, he has received 900 million tomans in 9 matches, and in addition, 915 million tomans in addition to 52 million and 700 thousand tomans is a “financial allowance”. . He got the euro from the union. Thus, during one year of cooperation with the Football Association, the total salaries and benefits of Karim Bagheri amounted to one billion and 867 million and 700 thousand tomans.

Karim Bagheri is one of the astrologers in comparison to the salaries of workers and employees in Iran, but his treatment of each game worth 100 million tomans is very different from that of Yahya Gul Mohammadi during this period. He became the coach of the Persepolis team. Reda Darwish, general manager of Persepolis Club, a few days ago, appeared on television and revealed Yahya Gul Mohammed’s shocking deal with this club, estimated at less than 40 billion tomans! Due to the extension of Yahya’s contract until the end of 1403, his annual income, regardless of the number option, was close to 18 billion tomans. Now a little more. According to this case, if we look at Yahya’s salary in Persepolis, it turns out that he earns 5 times that of Karim Bagheri per match in Persepolis! Assuming Yahya earns 30% each year in one league and 10 games in the other leagues, Persepolis earns about $20 billion, his salary is significant per game on the Persepolis bench. 500 million tomans.

The number is very high and surprising, but the strange thing is that this salary did not receive much attention from the team compared to Karim Bagheri. Bagheri went under the microscope and Kaitumba seized the money. Of course this money is hard work compared to the rights of ordinary people, and Karim Bagheri is busy, but when the money is given to a man like Gul Muhammad in Iran it becomes clear. Lots of criticism. While Persepolis FC’s claim that Yahya’s three-year contract with Persepolis is true, Yahya Gul-Mohammadi is still paying 333 million per game, which is an interesting one of its kind. There is no doubt that Yahya deserves these rights. Judging by the statistics and results obtained last season, many call such a man extraordinary and claim that they can attract good foreign coaches at such a cost. Yahya, on the other hand, probably takes into account the numbers that footballers are paid these days and the eighth and tenth classes of billions as statistics. This section is not discussed much, but the main issue is how to form two types of approaches in the public space with former Iranian football stars. How can 100 million tomans from Karim Bagheri be considered controversial, but how can 500 million tomans from Yahya Gul Mohammadi be normalized in each match?

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