Rescue workers in Yazd carried out 32 operations / saved 10 lives Iran and world news

Mohsen Harazizadeh of Yazdi Online said in an interview with reporters: The defensive operations in July 1401 included 17 road operations, 9 personal services, one special service and five city services.

The CEO of the Red Crescent Society of Yazd added: 95 people were exposed to accidents during these operations, 59 of whom benefited from the services of the Red Crescent in road accidents, 20 people in face-to-face services, and 16 people in urban services.

And Harzizadeh continued: 10 people were rescued after this operation, one person was treated in the outpatient clinic, and nine people were transferred to medical centers by a Red Crescent ambulance.

He said: 5 of the survivors were in the rescue operation, 2 in personal service and 3 in city service.

37 teams serve victims

Harzizadeh added: 110 rescuers and rescuers of the Red Crescent Society in the governorate participated in the rescue and rescue operations in the form of 37 teams with 16 ambulances, and provided services to the victims in 8 evacuations with the necessary rescue and rescue equipment.

He said: The most accidents in the last month were in the cities of Taft and Mahrez, 6 cases each, and Ardakan 5 cases, and they blessed him with 4 cases.

The CEO of the Red Crescent Society in Yazd province announced the average time of presence of the Red Crescent rescuers in the province at 15 minutes 56 seconds (from notification until arriving at the scene of the accident) and the duration. The mission took 1 hour 22 minutes 56 seconds from start to finish.

He said: All bases in all Red Crescent branches in the governorate are fully prepared to accommodate emergency travelers who are on their way at the transport hubs in the governorate, and the number 112 is ready to respond to the people of 24 governorates. hour a day

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