Promise to continue with insurance coverage for psychological services

The head of the Education and Research Authority of the Islamic Council promised to follow up on psychological and counseling services covered by insurance.

According to the informants, Ali Reza Munadi Sfidan He said at the First National Conference on Mental Disorders and Psychological and Social Interventions in the Age of Corona, in response to a question about why psychological and counseling services were not secured: Insurance for anything, including psychological services, should be beneficial to the insured. But if we want to insure psychological services, all of the 80 million people in the country can go to a psychiatrist to receive these services. The government goes bankrupt.

At the same time, he promised to follow up the insurance coverage for these services, and told the head of the State Institute of Psychology and Counseling: We will follow up on this issue. Define a frame for measurement. This is likely to be achieved in the Seventh Development Plan Law, which is a limited part of the insurance. I think there should be psychology offices everywhere in Iran.

In another part of his speech, the Head of the Education and Research Authority of the Islamic Council referred to the establishment of the Institute for Education and Training of Children and explained: Before that, there were kindergartens that were engaged in educating children from zero to six years old. Under the supervision of the Welfare Foundation for many years. This issue has been narrowly ignored. We have established a National Institute of Education to return Kindergarten to the Ministry of Education.

Menadi referred to the teacher classification bill and said: The aim of this law is to improve the quality of education and raise the dignity of teachers. There was great resistance to the passage of this law, but it was approved, and last week about 8,500 billion tomans were paid to teachers, each teacher received 8 to 15 million tomans, teachers’ salaries increased by 2 million. 5 million tomans. Finding this component brought competition into education. We have removed teachers from staff and other teachers are not receiving class 10 wages as staff.

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