Police announcement after the death of Keumarth Bora Ahmed / Confirmation of suicide and discovery of the manuscript

After the death of Keumarth Bora Ahmed, the famous film director of our country, the Police Information Center issued a notice and informed the investigation of this case.

According to the informants, In announcing the death of Keumarth Bora Ahmed, Director of Film and Television in Baladna, the Police Information Center said: “After the police were notified of the suspicious death of an elderly man in the coastal village of Bandar Anzali Emergency Center 110, which is on the agenda of the police detectives, Bandar Anzali city awareness was put .

In view of the importance of the incident, the police team immediately arrived at the scene to investigate the truth and seriousness of the matter.

The findings of the police currently indicate that a handwriting was discovered next to the body of the late Bora Ahmed, which unfortunately indicates that he committed suicide. Police detectives are continuing their efforts to investigate the cause of the deceased’s possible motive for suicide.

The Police Information Center, while expressing its condolences and sympathy to the family of the deceased “Kiomarth Bora Ahmed” and the people of art and cinema in the country, informs everyone of the details of the investigation into this incident after the investigation by the detectives and the police. Get results.

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