Berter and Rashdiafete laboratories are introduced as members of the Strategic Technology Laboratories Network

In the presence of the Vice President for Science, Technology and Knowledge-Based Economy;

In the presence of the Vice President for Science, Technology and Knowledge-Based Economics and Director of the Strategic Technology Laboratories Network, the best member centers of the network, and the laboratories that improved their ranking in 2019 in terms of performance evaluation, were honored. presented and honored.

According to the Anna News Agency’s Knowledge and Technology Group, the Network of Strategic Technology Laboratories of the Vice President of Science, Technology and Knowledge-Based Economy is held every year with the aim of bringing together expertise, presenting and promoting effective laboratory centers and building culture. A model meeting will be held to exchange tools and capabilities in this field with the efforts of directors of member laboratories centers in the presence of directors of member centers, coordinators and activists in this field.

Participants in this event, which is held every year by one of the member centers of the laboratory network, interact and talk to each other, express their latest work, achievements and experiences and learn about each other’s abilities and strengths, including the host be. The center of this program is an opportunity for managers and employees of centers that are members of the network to express their concerns and challenges and to discuss and exchange views and exchange opinions with the officials of the strategic technology laboratory network in order to express and facilitate matters. . Moving forward, developing laboratory services and improving capabilities

However, the annual meeting pursues another goal, which is to stimulate, enhance and develop laboratory capabilities, improve customer orientation, test standards and methods, and ultimately provide better services to the masses with an abundance of effective research. Improving the quality of products and transforming the knowledge-based economy. In accordance with this goal, every year and during this ceremony the directors of the best laboratories and laboratories that have grown significantly compared to last year and the links of laboratories that establish a connection between the member centers and the bridge laboratory network are honored.

** Thanks and appreciation to the directors of the member centers of the Strategic Technology Laboratories Network

Also at this year’s meeting, in the presence of Ruhollah Dehghani Firuzabadi, Vice President of Science, Technology and Knowledge-Based Economy, and Reza Asadivard, Director of Strategic Technology Network Laboratories, 20 advanced laboratory centers and 33 laboratories, which is excellent and significant. Ranking has been achieved. Growth compared to last year in awarding shields and cash prizes

In this ceremony, the “Al-Razi Center for Mineral Research” was honored as the first rank of the Strategic Technologies Laboratory’s network of laboratories.

Complementing this ceremony, Al-Razi Foundation for Applied Sciences, Azmoun Fouad Engineering Consulting Company, Iran Center for Mineral Research and Processing, Azma South Quality, Laboratory Service Center of Sharif University of Technology, Taban Beam Gostar, Parsian Aptieh Paish, Pars Leon Arvand, Iran Polymers and Petrochemicals Research Institute, Central Laboratory of Chemical and Chemical Engineering Research Institute of Iran, Chemical Development Research Institute of Jihad University, Pars Danish Standard, Samet Tekazma, Abadan University of Medical Sciences, Reference Laboratories of Iran Industrial Research Institute, Oil Research Institute, Shahid Chamran Academic Center Laboratory in Ahvas, and Institute of Ranga Research, Inc. Kimia Shangar Pars.

** Acknowledgment of the rapid growth of member centers in providing laboratory services

Among other parts of the meeting of the directors of the centers that are members of the Laboratory Network, learning about laboratories that have grown significantly in service delivery, infrastructure and capacity and their introduction compared to last year. Based on the assessment of Strategic Technology Laboratories Network experts and based on certain criteria, 33 member centers of the network were classified as “high end” centers according to their performance in the year 1400.

In this way, Sharif University of Technology Jihad Institute for Technology Development, Paspar Testing Company, Materials Science and Engineering Research Center, Ibn Sina University Jihad Institute for Biological Sciences Research, Sharif Arya Kimi Company, Mohaqiq Ardabili University, University of Science and Medical Services, Khatam Polymer Health Company Kermanshah treatment, Faculty of Chemical Engineering, Prince Kabir University of Technology, Damghan University, Organization of Geology and Mineral Exploration of Mashhad Center, Petro Azmay Serf Company, Yazd University, Ganeshpur University of Medical Sciences, Ahvas, Ajman, Danan Plastic Cooperative Cooperative, Biotechnology Corporation, Alfan Cooperative For Paint and Resin Production, Tabriz University of Medical Sciences and Health Care Services, Pak Environmental Station Company, Iranian University of Medical Sciences and Health Care Services, Central Laboratory for Stem Cells and Biotechnology, Tabriz University Science Laboratory, Ista Sanat Vatan Company, Seng Company, Gostar Sanat Sepahan, University Semnan, Department of Basic Sciences, Department of Chemistry, Amir Kabir University of Technology, Department of Aerospace Engineering, FSI Research Institute Hand, Caspian Sea Environment Research Institute, Kimya Persian Gulf Singa Company, Gilan University, Department of Dental Materials, DA Approved Faculty of Dentistry, Tehran University of Medical Sciences, Sepahan Bina Azmaei Consulting Engineers, Namdaran Quality Engineering Company, Research Institute Nanotechnology and Advanced Materials at Isfahan University of Technology, and Kian Asia Asala “Rashdiaft” laboratories.

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