The new arrogance of the British ambassador in Tehran

According to the foreign policy group of the Mokhberan news agency online, on Thursday, July 8, news was published that Ukraine, Sweden, Canada and England had filed a complaint against Iran over the so-called “shooting down of the Ukrainian plane”. These four countries presented themselves as the International PS752 Victims Response and Coordination Group and claimed that they could not reach an agreement with Iran.

This action was questioned by the correspondent of the electronic news agency Mokhban in the weekly meeting of the Foreign Ministry spokesperson, Nasser Kanani, who said: “I do not have specific and accurate information about a complaint they filed regarding the issue of the Ukrainian plane.” Iran, in line with the principle of good faith Believing in constructive interaction with the governments whose subjects and citizens lost their lives in this tragic accident, Iran stressed the conduct of negotiations in everything. Dimensions of the accident, we are ready again for negotiations in the last note sent, and we have informed the relevant countries. Iran has also taken measures to provide maximum support to families. With regard to dealing with the incident, Iran, based on the principle of territorial jurisdiction and taking into account that this incident occurred in the sovereign territory of Iran and that the accused in connection with the incident hold Iranian citizenship, conducted its criminal investigations with the necessary seriousness and accuracy, and the competent court issued its non-conclusive judgment in the case 10 accused. The Islamic Republic of Iran has fulfilled its national responsibilities regarding the heartbreaking incident and, within the framework of the principle of good faith, has relations with governments that have citizens and citizens in this heartbreaking incident, and has officially announced its readiness for negotiations.

in this connection Simon Shercliffe “Iran has failed to provide accountability or pay compensation for the downing of Flight PS752,” the British ambassador to Tehran wrote today (Wednesday), July 14, in a candid tweet. We are committed to pursuing transparency, justice and accountability in this regard for victims and their families. Today the United Kingdom, Canada, Sweden and Ukraine commenced relevant proceedings at the International Court of Justice.

On January 18, 2018, a Ukrainian Airlines plane crashed due to human error and missile fire after taking off from Imam Khomeini Airport with 176 passengers on board, including Iranian, Canadian, Afghani, Swedish and British flight crew, and Ukrainians died. According to the Canadian government’s announcement, 63 passengers on this plane had Canadian citizenship. Also on this plane were 11 Ukrainians, 17 Swedes, four Afghans and four Englishmen.

On April 27 this year, after a total of 20 trial sessions were held, in which a total of 117 plaintiffs submitted their complaints, 55 plaintiffs spoke and read bills in court sessions, and 20 lawyers represented the plaintiffs and presented their complaints and related evidence. , The second branch of the Tehran Military Court, according to detailed investigations conducted in the Public Prosecutor’s Office and the court, data and reports of military and justice officers, forensic reports, scientific and expert opinions of expert teams, and international. Research and statements of informants, experts, plaintiffs and defenses of the accused.

Based on the verdict issued by the court, the defendant in the first row of the case was sentenced to three years in prison on the charge of killing the passengers of the Ukrainian plane. This defendant was also sentenced to the maximum penalty (10 years imprisonment) due to the cancellation of the notification order and due to the effects and consequences of this action. In addition to imprisonment, a first-degree defendant was sentenced to pay a dowry to the parents who demanded the dowry, and the court also considered an additional punishment for this defendant. The court also announced penalties for the accused from the second to the tenth degree. (read here)

A day later, on April 28, in a weekly meeting with reporters, Nasser Kanani also stated that Iran, as the geography of this unfortunate incident, has fulfilled all its obligations in accordance with the Chicago Agreement and its internal laws and regulations. A special tribunal was created and the task entrusted to it was carefully carried out. The second branch of the military court in Tehran, according to the detailed investigations conducted in the court and the prosecution, the statements and reports of military officers and the judiciary, forensic reports, scientific opinions of expert bodies, etc. Signed, and issued a vote. This court issued its ruling after nearly three years of thorough investigation and holding 20 trial sessions, 117 plaintiffs announced their complaints, 55 plaintiffs attended the trial session and read out their bills, and 20 lawyers defended the plaintiffs.

The official spokesman for the diplomatic agency said: Iran’s efforts regarding this bitter case were to fulfill its duty responsibly and it has fulfilled its duty and these rulings are preliminary and the plaintiffs and defendants can appeal within 20 legal days after the announcement of the ruling. He does financial payments to the victims will be made to their families. Iran did what it was responsible for. (read here)

The British ambassador’s claim about the payment of compensation is based on Al-Kinani’s statement on January 19, 1401, “In terms of appeasement and compensation for material damages, there is an amount within the limits of international custom and even more than Iran’s obligations under international agreements. It has been approved and the payment headquarters are currently implementing the decision. Some of them are Progress and obtain it, as for the rest, there is no problem for Iran and it is ready to fulfill its obligations in this regard.

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