A guide to buying tickets from Istanbul to Tehran

Buy a ticket from Istanbul to Tehran

To buy a flight ticket from Istanbul to Tehran on the Istanbul ticket website, it is sufficient to type your travel destination in the search box, and by clicking on the search option, a list of flights with the specified date will be displayed. Ticket from Istanbul to Tehran People who have not returned usually have their own return tickets when going to Turkey, and they each buy them separately. This ticket can be purchased at the time of return and can be purchased before the trip to put your mind at ease. Of course, there are some people who, because of the cheaper price of a last-minute ticket, postpone the purchase until the last moments of the trip so that they can get it at a more favorable price.

The flight from Istanbul to Tehran usually takes off from Turkey International Airport and lands at Tehran International Airport. Since this flight is an international flight, the flight must take place from an international airport, and from an economic point of view, it is more economical for people living in the city to fly to Tehran and from the international airport of this city. Travel to Istanbul.

In addition, to return to Istanbul, you can use different flights, from cheaper ones to more expensive ones with more comfort services. Returning from this trip also requires an international airport, which is usually the destination of Tehran and Imam Khomeini International Airport for returning to Iran.

Ticket from Istanbul to Tehran

Tourist places in Istanbul

In fact, Istanbul is both a historical city and a modern and innovative city from another point of view. Therefore, it is very diverse in terms of places to see and has a wide variety of entertainment.

On the one hand, this city has many historical palaces and mosques, and on the other hand, it has modern shopping malls and sightseeing places. The historical places in this city like palaces and magnificent mosques are usually left over from ancient times and are mostly related to the time when the Eastern Roman emperors ruled and even the Ottomans took control of the city.

On the other hand, since Istanbul is considered a coastal city, for fun, you can visit and enjoy the beaches of this city, and use the water sports of this city.

In addition, for modern entertainment in Istanbul, you can visit street cafes and restaurants and also enjoy the nightlife. So by shopping Istanbul ticket to Tehran You can experience a historical excursion and enjoy its modern centers.

Ticket from Istanbul to Tehran

Flight fare from Tehran to Istanbul

Due to the closure of Turkey’s land borders, the only way to travel to Turkey is to fly from Tehran to Istanbul. price Tehran ticket to Istanbul Or vice versa depends on various factors, and according to these factors the final price of the ticket is determined. Some of these factors are:

An important factor in determining the price of a flight from Istanbul to Tehran or a flight from Tehran to Istanbul is the type of airline and plane, and each of them has a variety of services, and since the type of plane is effective in the comfort of travel, taking into account the increase in services related to airline ticket prices will also increase .

In addition, direct and indirect flights are also important factors in determining the price of plane tickets. The price of indirect flights is usually lower than direct flights because they first go to the main airports and from there they take their flights to Istanbul.

The flight class is another factor affecting the ticket price, and it is available in different types of economy class, business class and first class, each with a different fare.

The type of ticket is another factor affecting the price, and last minute tickets usually have a lower price.

In addition to these cases, the flight time is an important factor affecting the prices of Turkish airline tickets, for example, the demand for tickets by Iranians is higher in the spring season, Newroz and summer holidays, in addition to that. Other occasions such as Christmas and special celebrations require more travel and ticket prices are increasing.

Ticket from Istanbul to Tehran

flight steps

To take a trip from Tehran to Istanbul or a trip from Istanbul to Tehran after purchase Istanbul to Tehran Or, on the contrary, it is better to be at the airport three hours before the flight so that the work related to the flight can be completed.

One such task is to get your flight pass, for which you have to go to your flight gate and collect your flight pass after paying the exit and surcharges.

Then, your passport should be scanned and scanned, and if you have no problem leaving the country, the exit stamp will be placed on your passport and you will be ready to fly and board the plane.

Steps to buy tickets

To prepare and buy Ticket from Istanbul to Tehran Or vice versa, you can get your ticket by visiting in person or online. To buy a ticket online, first go to the Istanbul tickets website and then choose a one-way or round-trip flight, then it’s time to choose your departure and destination airport.

The next step to buying a ticket is to select the departure time and, if necessary, the return time, and then choose the type of flight class, which you must choose from the economy, business and first class options.

The next step is to select the number of adult, child and infant passengers, the price for each of which varies. After completing these steps, click on search and the list of flights at different times and hours will be shown to you, and if you confirm and pay the relevant amount, you can finalize the purchase.

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