Kissinger’s warning of world destruction

Former US Secretary of State Henry Kissinger warned in an interview with CNN that escalating tensions between the United States and China could lead to a world-destroying military confrontation.

He said, “Historically, the US Open’s arms to China have not been wrong and I think they have been beneficial to America for 30 years. After that, China developed faster than anyone could have imagined, and you probably should have realized this sooner, because it made China the second most powerful country in the world.

Kissinger continued: A fundamental problem arises when America believes that a country can invade it, and this problem automatically pushes us into a specific confrontation. This point was clear at the end of the Obama administration or the beginning of the Trump administration.

“Now the choice is whether we deal with China through confrontation or try to enter into this unique situation entirely through negotiations,” he said.

Kissinger also said: The very unique thing about this is that either country can destroy the world unilaterally, and if they participate, the world will look worse than it did after World War I. I think it is our foreign policy and their duty to deal with issues that cannot be controlled.


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