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Shahr Film Festival opens with Jaafar Dehghan

The opening ceremony of the eighth session of the Shahr International Film Festival will be held this evening, in commemoration of Zafar Dehghan, and the screening of pieces by Mohamed Motamedi at the Malat Film Campus.

According to the informants, the opening ceremony of the 8th International Urban Film Festival was held on Sunday, July 5, in the presence of city directors, film organizations, photographers, artists and media professionals, including Tehran Mayor Alireza Zakani, and President Mehrdad Bagheri. Mohammad Khazaei, head of the Tehran Municipality’s Cultural and Artistic Organization, Film Institute and … will be held in the cinema campus of the Millat Hall.

This party will start around 20:00 with the opening of an exhibition of promotional materials for Iranian cinema and artistic creations of the city.

The opening ceremony will be held by Vahid Ronqi and the event director, Mozhgan Zargar, Executive Director of the 8th Festival.

According to this report, at this ceremony, Mohamed Motamadi will present some artwork and honor the memory of Zafar Dehghan, a veteran actor in cinema, theater and television.

At the beginning of this festival, the winners of the “Iranian Cinema and Artistic Structures of the City”, “Neighborhood” and “TV Series and Home Programs” competitions will be presented and honored with prizes and statues.

During Ghaderekm Eid, the band Reda Darbandi, Daf, Nyi and Tunbak perform the music.

The opening ceremony of the 8th edition of Shahr Film Festival will be broadcast live on Sima Network.

The 8th International Monthly Film Festival under the direction of Majid Akbar Shahi will take place from 6 to 31 July at the Mallat Gallery Cinema campus.

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