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The story of the martyrdom of Hamid Reda al-Daghi in the documentary “Joanmard”.

At a ceremony, the documentary film “Joan Mared”, produced by the Semafilm Center, was unveiled in the presence of Sima’s deputy, and the family of the martyr, Hamid Reda Al-Daghi, was honored.

According to the informants, quoted by the Sima media platform, Mohsen Baramhani, Vice President of Sima, said yesterday evening during the special screening ceremony of the documentary film “Joanmard” and honoring the family of the martyr Hamid Reza Al-Daghi: You have blessed the broadcasting authority. Today, in your presence, and it is my duty to do so, and I would like to congratulate the family of Shahid Daghi and extend my condolences for the incident that was reported by all the Iranian people.

He continued, “May the martyr al-Daghi be a different face from a broad spectrum of martyrs of the holy system of the Islamic Republic, but during the imposed war we had martyrs of this scope.” And among the martyrs who defended the shrine, we see such faces.

Representative Sima emphasized: God never abandons His command, and there are always righteous people who carry out His command through them and complete the evidence for everyone.

Mohsen Al-Baramhani also expressed his gratitude to the actors and participants in the documentary “Joanmard”, and noted: As a person who has documented, I understand very well that when a family loses a loved one, telling the story and speaking in those circumstances is a difficult task, but being in front of the camera of this documentary is You have accomplished your mission in Zenbei and it is valuable work.

At the end of his speech, Al-Barmahani confirmed: We owe the blood of the martyr Al-Daghi, and God willing, we will be able to achieve the right of this blood in the national media.

Later, Shahand Garami, the mother of the martyr al-Daghi, said: I thank everyone who did not leave us alone at this time. With them they were an ointment for the great sorrow of our hearts.
I thank the young people who made this documentary. I have seen other documentaries about this event, but in this documentary, the position of my son, Hamid Reza, is presented correctly. In this film, it is mentioned that the “cypress trees” die standing.
The movie ended well and the way Hamid Reza stood up was well portrayed in this documentary.
I am proud that my son was chosen in this way, and given his humanity and honor, I could not have expected anything else from my son and he should have done it.

The story of the martyrdom of Hamid Reda Al-Daghi in the documentary film

Jawanmard’s documentary aired in due time

Mehdi Naqvian, Head of the Simafilm Center, stated at this ceremony: Semafilm’s mission is mostly known for serialization, but at the initiative of Sima’s deputy, as in the past, we also pay attention to the field of documentaries.
He continued, “I promise that in the series, topics and events of the day such as this one and the true heroes of the country will be included.” As for the Shahchirag incident, we are making a short series that will be broadcasted in memory of this incident, God willing. Normally, our definition of great works relates to the financial costs of doing these works; But famous works can actually include productions with a special theme and significance. “Jovanmard” is one of our famous works because it has a special and noble theme.

Naqviyan added: “The age of the gourds is over,” Hazrat Agha said. This was not only a military order, but also a media order. When an unfortunate incident occurs and suspicion is created in the society, the media must not abandon the issue and must follow up on the matter and explain to the public. This is our mission at Semafilm.

And the head of Semafilm said about the time of broadcasting this work: This documentary was ready to be shown during the forty martyrs, but it was decided to broadcast it at the appropriate time. Jawanmard’s documentary is about a national hero, which is why its airing time is always right. We try to send this work on the air with appropriate informational advertising.

Muhammad Khoshdalfar, director and producer of the documentary film “Joanmard”, said in the special presentation of this documentary: Directing this documentary was born out of anxiety because this scene was very bitter and painful and the courage shown by Shahid al-Daghi at that moment, it was impressive that The different angles of that incident are permanently recorded.

The director and producer of the documentary “Joan Marad” thanked the Daghi family, especially Aziza al-Daghi (the sister of the martyr) for her cooperation with the makers of the documentary, and said: This documentary was filmed in the same difficult days when the martyr’s family was grieving, as there were many doubts about the accident In the virtual space, the trend of the opposition media was also around it, but the media colleagues were able to neutralize the rumors and intentions of the opponents by presenting the correct version of the incident, and we were able, thanks to God, to portray the events of the day of the accident and the atmosphere of Sabzivar during those days by speaking to the family of eyewitnesses to the accident. I would like to thank my colleagues at Simafilm and Safirfilm (project executor) for their support in making this series.

In this ceremony, the mother, sister and daughter of Shahid Daghi, Mojtaba Naji, Deputy Director of Simafilm, Saeed Soltani, Executive Advisor and Director of the Office of Deputy SIMA Agency, Hamid Khojnejad, Director of Public Relations of Deputy SIMA, and a group of documentaries and lovers of Shahid attended the Sidafasima conferences. .
At the end of the ceremony, the Vice President of SEMA and the President of SEMAFILM honored the family of Shahid El Daghi.

The documentary “Joan Marad” deals with the martyrdom of Hamid Reda Al-Daghi and the stabbings surrounding him by thugs and mobs while defending his honor in his hometown and he was martyred.
The documentary “Juanmar” is directed by Mohammad Khoshdalfar and written by Prince Mohammad Abbasi. The presenter of this documentary is the ambassador of the film, and Mohamed Amin Taleb Alam is also responsible for editing this 52-minute documentary. Mohammad Hossein Jaafarian is the production director of the documentary “Joanmard” and it was shot by Iman Azadi and Mohammad Amin Talib Alam.

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