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Martyr Hussein Kshtkar and the way he chose to fly!

Informants / Qom Martyr Hussein Kishtkar wrote in one of his letters: Brothers, I ask you for patience my brothers and everyone who reads this letter, to know that martyrdom is the only royal escape for lovers towards God, all of them are dear martyrs. Our sleeping martyrs were chosen like Husayn Fatima (peace be upon him).

Hussain Kashtakar was born on the first day of the month of Bahman 1344 in the religious city of Qom. His childhood was graceful, brave and brave and his heart was pure and kind.

He started school at the age of six, was average in subjects, but made great progress in mathematics. In his third year of middle school, he lost his mother’s arms forever.

When sparks of revolution broke out, despite his young age, the Pahlavi regime fought like other people and had an active presence in all the rallies.

With the onset of the imposed war, he stopped his studies and received military training at the headquarters of the Sharmardan Resistance. Meanwhile, he also lost his father.

And after a while he was sent to the western fronts for the first time, and after a while he returned from the west until he became an official member of the Basij and took charge of the headquarters and resistances of the tenth and seventh circles. He started working in the Katyusha unit until he was registered as a guard in the 17th Division of Ali bin Bataleb.

Martyr Hussein Hiskar and the path he chose to take!

Hussain was present in various operations, including the operations before Wal-Fajr, Badr, Ashura and Khaybar.

Finally, on the 27th of 1964, Bahman was martyred in Operation Fajr 8 during the evening prayer in the Al-Faw region as a result of the bombing of an enemy plane, and in the eighth martyrdom of Ali bin Jaafar (peace be upon him) in Qom. He was buried in Gulzar.

Part of the martyrs’ letters

Brothers, I thank God that I can remove my pen from his ink and spend a moment with you, yes brothers, I hope and know that you will never forget with the suffering and toil you go through. A moment about God, but this truth is more evident in the squares.

My brothers, I learned the lessons of martyrdom, courage and sacrifice on the front that I have not seen in my life, my brothers, I found this path with open eyes and full awareness, so know that everyone has a duty. .

My brothers and everyone who reads this message, I ask you to be patient, so that you may know that martyrdom is the only royal journey for lovers to God, all our sleeping martyrs are like Hussein Fatimah (peace be upon him). We pray that we find from our sins and go to Him.

Avoiding the words of the martyr Avene in describing the men of God:

If libertarians regard this world as an illusion within an illusion, then this world is based on a series of assumptions, abstractions and illusions necessary for the existence of the world in the eyes of our enlightened mind. From this thing so that someone else does not remove and reject those dependencies, man does not discover the truth of his existence in the world, how The mind does not have a rational friend face to face without hesitation and without reason. From the eye without hesitation and without reason to learn its will and the highest matter, the realm of the mind is the unreasonable, they call it a secret, but the secret is not the only. The way means this; the mind is the end, and from a point Achievement begins the secret world.

The secret without a sign, and the secret of a sign without a sign is a sign, otherwise the world of existence is the world of signs, and the world without signs beyond existence is rare in the land of the unseen. Absence and the road is passing through destruction. As long as the soul remains, the mind remains, and realizes the validity of the existence of the mind, that it is not a secret, and the mind only finds knowledge around it, and the world of secrets is the world that does not exist. lonliness. It is accessible but not at the speed of knowledge. This only leads to limited thinking. A friend of the mind is nothing and is the source of the mystery in the universe.

In the eyes of the lover, there is only the beloved. Tell the lover that the lover cannot be wise in business. Ask the lover to be fair about love, he can’t. Love is always above justice and reason. The lovers say that madness is real, it is the madness of justice and reason. The wise say that God is just. Lovers say: Yes, what a lover does is justice. When the wise are in danger, they wait for this to pass too, but when lovers are in the midst of trouble, they say:

If Millie was with the others, why did Lily break my plate?

The human race always refers to the eternal covenant in its being, and if it finds this eternal covenant after a thousand years, the end will return.

Philosophy in this part of the land where we live has been influenced from the beginning by revelation-based thinking and has taken a path contrary to Western philosophy. The West is the manifestation of the external name, and the East is the internal name, and in this medium, our historical commitment is a mixture of the external and the internal.

The bond that lovers say can only be achieved by death is an incurable cure. As long as we are alive, conscious, and consciousness is captive to the self and remains conscious, the “self” does not rise from the middle.[۱۸]

Madness is the heart of the house. So the source of poetry is in the heart, in the depths of the heart. It reaches its very core. He opened the path to heaven from the depths of his heart.

Blind lovers love. Life is hidden in the seashells of love and can only be found in an ocean of problems. In the depths of the catastrophe ocean. Lovers are divers in this sea, and if they are not crazy, how do they go to the sea? [۲۰]

Love is the work of madness and the work of madness is poetry. Poetry is the essence of art. Madness is the source of art and everyone is affected by those sacrificial obsessions that the lover carries with him and sings his madness in isolation.

Man is confined to this mental attitude to learn the lesson of love from the science of separation and the passion for loneliness.. Can he learn love except in exile and isolation and abroad? So this pain of separation is the whole of human being and the main source of art is the grief of displacement that accompanies it. From start to finish”.

end of message /

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