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Smart shoes also appeared on the market

Wahoo has installed cushions under its new productivity shoes, which can be height-adjusted at three levels so that these shoes can be used at different levels.

Wahoo, launched in Milan in 2020, hopes the shoe will be well-received. Each of these shoes has a miniature air compressor built into the heel of the shoe and connected to a set of air vents underneath. When air is pumped into those cavities, each one pushes a separate rubber clip, creating a cushion between that cavity and the user’s foot. Later releasing some or all of the air will cause the pillow to deflate or completely deflate.

This compressor is controlled by an application compatible with both Android and iOS operating systems and adjusts the shoe in three modes to move on surfaces of different hardness. The price of this shoe is $270.

With a built-in barometer, accelerometer and rotation angle monitoring sensors, the app can be used to track distance traveled and provide suggestions on how to improve walking. With a single wireless charge and a lithium battery, each shoe is available for 14 hours of use.


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