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The purchase of 110 million doses of foreign vaccines in the previous government is incorrect / we bought five times more vaccines than the previous government

The media assistant to the Minister of Health said: The number of requests for vaccination against Corona before August 23, 1400 and after the formation of the new government is 26 million 524 thousand 610 doses. After August 23, 1400 and with the formation of the government, 135 million 475 thousand and 390 doses of vaccines were ordered, which indicates a 5-fold increase in the order of vaccines.

Pedram Buck appointed in a conversation with informants. Noting that the total number of imported vaccines before the formation of the thirteenth government on August 14 1400 was only 18 million 754 thousand 610 doses of vaccines, he said: This is the total amount of imported vaccines after August 14 1400 and in the period 13. . The government has reached 143 million 245 thousand and 390 doses of vaccine.

Referring to the large number of Corona victims in the last days of the previous government, he said: In the thirteenth government, 153 million doses of the Corona vaccine were injected, and as a result 700 people died of Corona every day. During the thirteenth government, the number of high-risk counties for this disease decreased from 28 to zero at the time of the thirteenth government.

According to the media assistant to the Minister of Health, in the Ministry of Health, one of the other measures taken by the thirteenth government is to support the local production of 6 vaccines.

He said: 20 million 570,807 vaccines were given until August 14 last year, and 20 million 570,807 vaccines were given as of August 14 this year.
That was 188,109479. This means that at this time last year, about 14% of the country’s population was vaccinated, but now 77% of the total population has been vaccinated.

According to the informants, former President Hassan Rouhani recently referred to the efforts of the previous government to prepare the Corona vaccine and said: We bought 60 million vaccine doses from Russia, but they did not give us a few million. High Doses We bought 50 million doses of vaccine from a local manufacturer that failed to deliver a few million doses during our period. We also bought vaccines from China, India, Europe and Kovac. In addition to the local vaccine, we have prepared at least 110 million doses of the vaccine.

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