Netanyahu surrendered – whistleblowers

– postponement of approval of judicial reforms;

And the Prime Minister of the Zionist entity stressed, in a speech addressed to the protesters, that he would not stop the judicial reforms, but would postpone their approval for the time being.

According to the report of the global group of the Ana News Agency, Benjamin Netanyahu, the Prime Minister of the Zionist entity, announced the suspension of the process of approving laws related to judicial amendment, stressing the danger of internal strife in Israel.

He stressed that he listens to the demands of easing tension between the two sides in Israel. He said that an “extremist minority” is ready to divide Israel, adding that Israel is heading towards a civil war and will never allow a civil war.

Netanyahu added that Israel is facing a serious dilemma, and the current crisis requires everyone to act responsibly.

He continued that Israel would not exist without the army and disobedience in the army would not be tolerated.

Netanyahu confirmed that he had decided to suspend the process of approving the judicial amendments, and added that he insists on approving these amendments, but he suspended them for the time being.

Netanyahu said: Israel cannot live without an army, and its refusal to join the military service means our end.

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