Iran is not Nigeria – informants

During the revolution, our women were close and influential ranks, and while defending the country, they carried a heavy burden of logistics behind the front as mothers and sisters.
The people of Iran with the works of Parvin Itissamy, Foro and … other women writers and poets lived, spent their time in films and the artworks of many artists, and introduced Maryam Mirza Khanis to the humane society of Sepehr Danesh.
Girls in this land used to go to school when learning lessons and knowledge was not common for girls in many countries.
Our country will advance on the path of cultural and social development with the participation of women. Its opening theme song is played and this track is irreversible and unstoppable.
What is happening in the attack on schools is undoubtedly stopping this convoy of women leaders in the way of building society, but it will fail sooner or later.
The community officials or the main organizers of these crimes know and take no or no action. Believing in the first assumption is like accepting a disaster in the management of society, and accepting the second assumption is actually accepting the helplessness of officials, which is very sad and depressing.
Acting in a way that makes people feel good calls into question the legitimacy of the entire organization. And immediately linking such cases to foreign forces or sabotage, though not impossible, does not cover our weakness.
In such cases, it is customary for the authorities to take strange things.
At first they pretend not to hear or know, then they deny and deny. After some time, they consider the possible root of the problem, then promise to solve the problem, and then consider all kinds of internal and external currents involved. In other words, in the cases mentioned above, the suspicion arises that they lag behind people’s awareness of events or that they are not honest and honest with people, and this is a great weakness of the state.
But the issue of security, which is in the hierarchy of needs after biological needs for food, housing, etc., cannot be ignored in any way. Naturally, people don’t want to give up on their daughters’ education. In this case, it is possible to imagine the possibility of the presence of parents on the scene to create security, and in this case, if the government wants to confront the people, then a new crisis will occur, and if it wants to open the way, then it will happen. It has irreparable consequences for intervention, although the government may be able to take steps and use the assistance of parents of students with appropriate mechanisms.
Education of students in our country is going through a difficult time. In the past, we have not seen such weakness in educational institutions.
God willing, cultural people with an educational background will be at the helm of affairs, and officials will ensure the safety of the people’s children immediately and without margin, and on the other hand, criminals who intend to prevent the education of Iranian girls will come to their senses and await their certain defeat, to teach them that Iran is Iran, not Nigeria.
Boko Haram will have no place in this country.

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