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It is difficult since the day when these bright stars in the sky of Iran do not coincide and the little opportunity to talk about sweet and half a page of the newspaper, because although we mention them briefly, we are close to ourselves. Self-awareness and self-knowledge of Iranian identity.

In fact, the generation that was in the midst of the events that led to the victory of the constitutional movement in the era of Reza Shah Pahlavi found a historical opportunity to rely on intelligence, perseverance and patriotism. A new era in the history of Iran. In comparison, all the institutions that have been responsible for Iranian culture and literature for the past forty years have not been able to return to the efforts of Daykhuda, Bahar, Farooqi, Qazvini, and Hami. And Foruzinfar, Nafisi and Minavi. To this end, this generation created a masterpiece. Meanwhile, Moztabi Minavi is one of the masterpieces of contemporary Iranian culture and literature. Recently, this coincided with the forty-fifth anniversary of the death of this writer and national researcher in Iran.

A man who served the culture of patriotism and Iranian thought since childhood. When he was only 23 years old, he published his article “Surveying Tehran or Tehran” in Ayandeh, a national magazine edited by Mahmoud Afsar Yazdi. Five years later, he returned from a one-year British tour to Tehran, and joined the Ministry of Education. Minavi formed a group of four in 1309 and in collaboration with others they edited and published several permanent books, including the first volume of Shahnameh and Nuruzannah for Khayyam.

During this period he collaborated with Muhammad Ali Farooqi in preparing the summary of the Shahnameh. Minavi participated in Ferdowsi’s International Millennium Conference in Tehran in 1313 and got acquainted with many European orientalists who came to Iran. After that he traveled from Iran to Britain for 15 years. Minavi returned to Iran in 1328 and taught ancient literature and texts at the University of Tehran until 1347. From his retirement from the University of Tehran until the end of his life, when he wanted to rise, Minavi became the scientific director of the Ferdowsi Shahnameh Foundation and became one of the most eminent senior scholars in Iran. Before his death he donated all his books to the Iranian nation.

* Journalist and writer in the field of thought

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