Work on Beethoven’s will two centuries later

Many years have passed. Scientists have made various speculations about the cause of his death and different stories about the cause of death of this genius artist, using what he heard and read, and later using the remaining strands of poetry from Beethoven – the genius composer told the history of world music.

According to the informants, the newspaper “citizen” He wrote: However, these stories – which, especially in recent years and after the publication of various speculations, seem not to have been abandoned by the ever-controversial media, have apparently reached their final stages. In other words, scientists believe they have discovered the cause of death of this great composer.

This was first announced by the Cornet Biology magazine at the end of March 2023 and also added that according to the research conducted by scientists on the DNA of five strands of Beethoven’s poetry – which has been proven to be reliable and valid – he had a genetic disorder of the liver and at the end of his life he was also infected with hepatitis b. Factors that combined with drinking a lot of alcohol finally made Ludwig von Beethoven work!

In this context, the science correspondent of the Associated Press writes from the words of scientists, that although two hundred years have passed since Beethoven’s death, using the DNA of his hair strands, they have been able to learn secrets about health problems, hearing loss, and finally the death of Ludwig von Beethoven. Of course, they did not find many new results in the investigation of the case of deafness or severe stomach disease of this German composer, but in the course of this research, they did notice problems and problems such as hereditary liver disease and hepatitis B in the last months of this artist’s life, which could be related value

It is possible that these factors—based on a study published in the Journal of Contemporary Biology—along with continued drinking, eventually caused chronic liver failure, which is what is believed to have killed Beethoven. The incident that occurred on the 196th anniversary of the death of Beethoven – who died at the age of 56 at the end of March 1827 – illustrated the task of this genius composer, who asked doctors to examine his health problems after his death. According to Axel Schmidt, a geneticist at the University Hospital Bonn in Germany, the problems severely restricted Beethoven’s creative work, and so doctors have always considered that there was something behind it, although experts have long agreed on this problem. Most likely this famous composer died of cirrhosis.

However, no accurate evidence was provided until this new study was conducted by a team of researchers and determined that Beethoven was prone to liver disease and he also had hepatitis B. Something Beethoven himself was aware of and told many of his relatives about his impending death and further asked for an announcement. about his illness after his death. Now, two centuries later, scholars say they did just that and were able to fulfill Beethoven’s wish.

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