Isolation of jurisprudence at the hands of jurists and jurists

People were looking for Saint Ardabili, Mulla Sadra, Sheikh Mufid, Sahib al-Jawahir, etc., but often in official and informal, public and private forums, they encounter mullahs at a level or a high level who are gradually getting worse. They play the role of kadakhoda, judge, and even assertive, issuing orders and prohibiting, and some of them obey orders intentionally or unintentionally and get involved with their countrymen, which increases the depth and breadth of the social gap and the gap between generations.
The result of this movement was after the people or at least the new generation of jurisprudence. In other words, if the platform for fighting the hijab is entrusted to the group that believes in the hijab and adheres to it, or if an acid attack is not detected, arrested and punished, or if a terrorist assumes an executive position, above all they will support the ruling regime and at a higher level, and turn their backs on the jurists , and more to the principle of jurisprudence.
When people do not see some of the contents contained and the decisions issued on the basis of reason and custom, they deny the principle of the origin of speech which is the alleged jurisprudence, and therefore they consider other rulings to be weak and they may also doubt the legitimacy of the law.
This chaos has led to the new generation questioning jurisprudence and jurists, some of them in Shiism, and a group of the religion of Islam and a few in the existence of God.
No one but the jurists can solve and organize this problem, and the government can solve the problem with the help of jurists, scholars and researchers, otherwise we will witness confusion and disintegration of religious identity and wide changes in social relations on the one hand. There will be a broad level and on the other hand there will be conflict between the classes and the people of society.

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