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According to an online reporter, Abd al-Karim al-Jumairi said in a press conference on Sunday evening: Our revolution is a cultural revolution based on the religious culture of the people, which should receive more attention in educational and scientific centers in addition to teaching various sciences. I spent on cultural, educational and spiritual matters, but unfortunately this issue was neglected.

He said: We have countless blessings from God in the country, we need technical and vocational training Oh .. you Appropriate development and investment in order to flourish people’s lives and jobs. We need to do more to make up for the delay.

The representative of the people of Bushehr, Ginawa and Daylam in the Islamic Council said: We need technicians and assistants more than anywhere else in the country. morning It was not possible to achieve a 50% labor quota for the local forces in Asalouyeh and South Pars. morning We will train the workforce according to the needs of the oil, gas and petrochemical industry and employ a maximum of 30% of the local workforce. there. The technician must not train five engineers.

And he continued: In the plan to develop the Bushehr Nuclear Power Plant, consideration should be given to training workers according to the needs of the nuclear industry, so there is no need to supply non-domestic energy, as it is more economical for investors. Using local strength, this issue has been brought to the ears of technical and vocational center officials several times Oh .. you The Atomic Energy Agency warned M.

Al-Jumairi stressed: In this province, with all these resources that God has given and the establishment of large industries, we should not have unemployment at a rate of 12 to 17 percent, and the solution is to train the workforce according to the industries and capabilities of the province. . .

Referring to visiting technical colleges for boys and girls in Bushehr, he said: There is no unemployment among students of technical and vocational universities. Oh .. you learner there Either they do not exist, or they are businessmen themselves there Or maybe there They must be absorbed into the industry.

The representative of the people of Bushehr, Ginawa and Daylam said that we must identify our problems, prioritize them and plan to solve them. not important In order to do it right, he said: I am ready to use all the capabilities in Parliament, the Ministry of Science and the Technical and Vocational University with all my heart. Oh .. you The country exists to solve the problems of technical and vocational centers and colleges Oh .. you For use in the province

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