Learn about exploding head syndrome.

IHS is a sleep disorder that causes a person to hear loud noises that others do not hear when trying to fall asleep or wake up.

According to the news magazine jam jam He wrote: “When someone hears the name ‘exploding head syndrome’, they think it is a very painful problem, but exploding head syndrome or EHS is completely painless; it can be very annoying. IHS is a sleep disorder in which a person makes noises Loud People with this condition report hearing thunder, gunshots, collisions, or other loud and annoying sounds.

Some people see bright lights or experience muscle spasms. Other symptoms of this problem include night sweats, rapid heartbeat, and difficulty breathing right after waking up. The hearing time of the sounds is usually very short and there is a definite pattern. Exploding head syndrome is a type of parasomnia. Two other examples of parasomnia are more common conditions such as sleep talking or sleepwalking. Electromagnetic hypersensitivity can disrupt a person’s sleep and cause anxiety. Researchers have long believed that exploding head syndrome occurs more often in older adults, especially women over the age of 50, but new research suggests that EHS is more common than previously thought.

Causes of Exploding Head Syndrome

As with many parasomnias, the cause of IHS is unclear. However, the following factors can be factors for its occurrence:

stress and anxiety

Excessive activation of neurons due to calcium imbalance

Pre-migraine attacks

Damage or other inner ear problems

Processing error in the brain during the transition between sleep and wakefulness

Microsizers in sensory neurons in the brain in the temporal lobe

Take antidepressants and anxiety medications

How is exploding head syndrome treated?

A psychiatrist or psychiatrist who specializes in sleep disorders usually treats the problem with psychotherapy and medication. If your doctor can identify the triggers that cause your discomfort, you can avoid these triggers by adjusting your habits. For example, if symptoms usually come on when you’re tired, make sure you get seven to nine hours of sleep. If stress causes EHS to develop, try meditation, yoga, deep breathing, or a shower before bed. In general, exploding head syndrome is a troublesome but relatively harmless condition. With proper treatment and self-examination, you can completely solve the problem.

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