The Minister of Education consoled the blind student Falavarjani

The Minister of Education spoke and reassured the blind student Falavarjani over the phone.

According to the informants, After his return from Hajj, the Minister of Education, in a telephone conversation with a student of Falavarjani, expressed his regret over what had happened and consoled this student with his promise to continue his studies in the same school that he loves.

Rezamarad Sahrai In a telephone conversation with a blind female student, Flavarjani told this girl: I was so sad to see you cry. I did your work, don’t worry. Hopefully your problem will be resolved and you will go to that school. I said to solve your problem specifically.

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Special arrangement in the field to solve the problem of the student exam “Florjani”

According to informants, a video clip of a blind student of Falavarjani crying was recently published in cyberspace, in which it was said that this student was prevented from participating in the state sample exam because he did not have a secretary.

Hamid Tarifi Hosseini announced, in a conversation with informants, that this student should have applied for a secretary when registering for the standard state exam with a declaration of his disability, but the student’s request for a secretary was not answered.

According to Al-Tarifi, the head of the country’s Exceptional Education Organization, on the day of the exam, district officials can decide on the student’s request and consider one person as his secretary. This was one of the jurisdictions of the field, but perhaps due to a lack of information from colleagues in the field, this did not happen.

In this regard, the Minister of Education issued a special order and demanded that the problem of this student be resolved, and the head of the State’s Exceptional Education Organization announced that, according to the arrangements that were made, it was decided that after the exam result, the committee’s decision will be taken on a case-by-case basis. Special for this student so that he can retake the test.

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