An increase of 830 thousand daily trips in the Tehran metro network with the development of seven lines

One of the plans of the Tehran Metro Company is to extend the existing seven lines in parallel with the completion of the stations of Lines 6 and 7; An approach achieved in some lines in the form of eastern or western development, and in some other lines in the form of northern or southern development.

According to the informants, Mohsen Harmozi, CEO of Tehran Metro Company, said about the development program of the existing lines of the capital’s metro network: Considering the expansion of the geographical boundaries of the city of Tehran, as well as the change in the density of population areas in the past decade or two, adding the length of the route and stations in some metro lines has become an issue. inevitable, and is due to the frequent and numerous requests of the citizens of the remote parts of the capital.

He said: For example, for the first and third line, studies were conducted in the field of northern and western development. In line 2 of the eastern development project, this line will make sense by constructing about 5 kilometers of tunnel road and two stations so that the Tehran metro network can have direct access to the new eastern station.

Harmazi continued: Metro Line 4 should be developed from the eastern and western sides and its length should be increased by about 16 kilometers. In the case of Line 6, whose developmental southern section is being excavated, about 10 km of track and 4 more stations will be built, and in the end, Line 6 will be connected to Line 1 as well as to the railway station of the Islamic Republic of Iran, and 7 will also be connected to the station, And the northwest itself is developing.

The CEO of Tehran Metro also said regarding the effects of the existing seven line development projects: Increasing the length of the route and the stations of the existing lines will help to cover areas not better served by the metro network and reduce passenger congestion on some lines and stations by about 10%.

According to him, on the other hand, traffic modeling shows that in the horizon of 1420, just because of the development of the seven lines, 830,000 trips will be added to the total number of metro network trips. At the same time, the construction and completion of the new lines (8 to 11) will also lead to no less than 2 million six hundred thousand trips using the metro per day, thus increasing the share of trips within the city using public transport in the horizon of 1420 seems to be a feasible fantasy.

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