Coronary artery disease patients doubled in Golestan

Detectives / Golestan The President of Golestan University of Medical Sciences said: At present, 99 patients with coronary heart disease are admitted to Golestan District Hospitals.

Referring to the recent situation of coronary arteries in Golestan Province, Saeed Gul Firuzi told reporters: “Currently, 99 patients with coronary heart disease are admitted to hospitals in Golestan Province, among whom 32 are in the intensive care unit and 15 have passed through the device. Breathing continues. Artificial For life.

He showed the color of the corona in Golestan and added: At present, the cities of Gorgan, Gonbad Kavous, Gumishan, Minodasht, Akala, Ajaşehir, Raman Corona, Kurdkoy, Bandargas. Bandar Al-Turkman, Ali Abedaktool, Kalala, Maravih Tafee and Galicish in the yellow status of Corona.

The head of Golestan University of Medical Sciences pointed to the downward trend in Golestan Province and emphasized, “Fortunately, there is currently no city with red and orange corona status in the province.”

“The number of people with heart disease has doubled in Golestan, although the prevalence of coronary heart disease has decreased and this does not mean the end of coronary heart disease,” he said after months of guarding.

He urged people to continue to follow health protocols, maintain social divisions, and inject the three doses of the Corona vaccine without seeing a new peak or a new peak.
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