Tips for Choosing a Carpet Rug for Masjid, Masjid and Madrasah Chapel

Choice tips Mosque carpetAl-Hussainiya and the school chapel: What is a mosque carpet? A prayer rug or farish rug is a type of woven carpet used by Muslims as a prayer rug. Some of his samples have a mihrab design and for this reason they are also known as mihrabi carpets.

Types of cheap carpet designs

– Mihrabi prayer rug:

It has designs in the form of altars or domes inspired by the architectural design of mosques and blessed places. For mosques and prayer rooms, altar designs are used more.

Ceremonial carpet:

Ceremonial carpet maps do not have an altar and have a frame, which is usually used to place a prayer seal. This kind of carpet is also called red carpet. The application of this kind of automated carpet is mostly for hotels, restaurants, hussainiya, imamzadeh and blessed places.

Integrated prayer rug:

This type of design is called a one-piece rug or an integrated rug. In this way, by placing carpet rolls together, a single, integrated map is formed. Each lap completes the previous lap.

What kind of cheap rug is best?

The truth is that the type of thread is very effective in determining the price of a rug. A variety of yarns are used to weave carpets. Here, in brief, we learn more about the types of fibers used in the production of mosque rugs:

1 BCF theme

The BCF thread is actually made of polypropylene fibres. This kind of thread is very weak and low quality. As such after a few years it was battered and split from being trampled on too much. This stiffness disturbs the worshipers’ knees.

Advantages of BCF filament:

No lint, moisture resistant, cheap

Disadvantages of BCF Yarn:

Is not soft and hard, knock, low toughness

2- Polyester Yarn:

This type of yarn enjoys a good standing for mosque carpet buyers. Because it is more resistant than BCF and has a lower price than acrylic. In fact, if we want to propose a medium fiber material for a cheap carpet, polyester thread has a good standing.

Advantages and disadvantages of polyester thread:


No hairiness, shine, and medium resistance


hardness, relatively short life

3- Acrylic thread:

The best type of yarn used not only for machine carpets, but also for mosque carpets, is acrylic fiber. This type of yarn has a high price, but in return it has a very decent quality, very resistant and durable. If your mosque is crowded and has high feet, we suggest you choose a carpet with acrylic thread.


Fluffiness (if not set), lack of moisture resistance


Good softness and smoothness, no knocking, light and heat fastness, resistant and durable.

Does color affect the price of a cheap rug?

Many people think that choosing the color of a mosque carpet affects its price, but you should know that not only the color but also the design has no effect on the price of a mosque carpet. Whether the plans are busy or quiet, the price is the same. The element that affects the price is the type of yarn, the amount of comb, and the density of the carpet.

The most used and popular colors for carpets are lacquer, blue and green. These colors create a very good spiritual atmosphere due to the harmony with the atmosphere of the mosque and the type of architecture and tiles.

Advantages of Husseiniya carpets, mosque carpets and prayer rugs

The special and beautiful designs of the mosque carpet have changed the space a lot and on the other hand it has many functions. Including:

– Determine the Qibla direction

Create rankings

– Easy to repair and maintain

– Easy to wash

– Fast and easy charging

– Variety of designs and colors suitable for space

Where can we get cheap rugs?

Mihrab Naqsh Kashan Company is a manufacturer of prayer rugs with different designs and colors for a good choice next to dear mosques. You can contact the experts of this production unit for advice. Mr. Salmani Engineer: 09133617256 a call. ( From the carpet to the throne with a carved altar)

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