The Ministry of Health is awaiting the signing of the license to employ 25,000 individuals + details

The Director General of Human Resources at the Development Agency at the Ministry of Health said, explaining the employment of 25,000 people in the Ministry of Health, which was supposed to take place in order to establish new health and treatment centers: “Permission to employ 25,000 people has not yet been signed and it seems In the Administrative Affairs Organization’s administrative machinery there is a job left.

Dr.. Saifullah Moradi in an interview with reporters. Regarding the latest case of employing 25,000 people for the newly established health and treatment centers, he said: We need 76,000 people in the Ministry of Health to manage the complex. Due to the limitations, the management and staffing organization declared that you should prioritize the human resources you need in three levels. Based on that, we set our priorities, and our first priority was to hire a minimum of 41,000 people so that we can launch all our new projects this year.

But if to bring a minimum number of personnel in the Ministry of Health

He added, “After many consultations and meetings, they announced that we are currently providing work permits for 25,000 employees.” Of course, we had to pay attention to part of the needs, and as a result, the projects that will be prepared by the end of September 1402 AD We have put it on our list and it has been agreed that this recruitment will only be for new projects and for the time being we will not be recruiting outgoing Ministry of Health, retirees and capacity renewal forces. The meaning of capacity completion is that in many hospitals and health centers in less privileged areas we have less staff and if we were supposed to have three staff per bed, now there are two people or 1.8 staff.

Moradi explained that, therefore, in the Ministry of Health, we were keen to pay attention to the minimum employment level as a first priority, and he said: Based on this, we announced that we will employ 25 thousand people for projects that will be prepared by the end of this year. September 1402 and 25,000 we distributed between these projects. Of course, the work permit for 25,000 people has not yet been signed. However, it was decided to give us permission to hire 25,100 personnel, which seems to be stuck in the administrative mechanism of the management and staffing organization, which we hope will be signed soon. In any case, we are awaiting permission to recruit 25,000 people to be announced to the Ministry of Health, and we have also organized division and meetings with universities of medical sciences so that we can distribute and announce the invitation to the exam. .

Details of the distribution of 25,000 recruits

And he said about the status of the distribution of 25,000 individuals who will be appointed to the new projects of the Ministry of Health: The distribution has been determined in general. For example, it was decided to distribute 8,000 personnel in the health department, 3,500 personnel in the road emergency department, 12,000 personnel in the hospital department, 1,000 personnel in the prehospital emergency department, and 800 personnel in the maternity groups. At the same time, in the treatment department, where we have studied about 12,000 employees for this department, for each bed we set up, we want to have at least one nurse, and the treatment has at least 6,000 nurses. Of course, exact statistics and details cannot be made public until the license is issued.

Ministry of Health recruitment exam time for 25,000 people; unknown!

Moradi explained that due to not signing the work permit at the Ministry of Health, the time of registration and taking the test is not yet known, and he said: We tried to conduct the recruitment test until the end of March 1401, but it was not possible, and the test will be held for the next year. This year, the health and treatment complex went through many problems, and with many meetings, we were able to obtain a license to employ 25,000 workers, and we hope that it will be issued soon. Although the PBO announced that since we have no credit, the same 25,000 people should be reduced to 17,000, but this number is the minimum for the Ministry of Health and less than 25,000 people and centers cannot be accepted. Let’s start

And regarding considering the quota for the plan forces that served during Corona, in recruiting new forces, he said: This is the minimum that the government can do for those who served selflessly during Corona. Therefore, the Ministry of Health tries to consider these people when hiring its workforce.

Shortage of 100,000 employees in the Ministry of Health

Moradi said about the shortage of public cadres in the Ministry of Health: In the Ministry of Health, in the years 1400 and 1401, we had 17 thousand retirees who needed to be replaced. According to the indicators, there is a shortage of manpower in the discussion of completing the capacity for the deprived areas, and we have announced this in general terms, taking into account the lack of manpower to complete the capacities, new projects, retirees … etc. , We have a manpower shortage of 100,000. If we want to take care of the entire health and treatment issues, make up for the shortage of manpower, and also take care of new projects, we need 100,000 manpower.

the end of the letter

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