From helping jihad work to the budget for women’s social participation in the 1402 budget of the Tehran municipality

Members of the Tehran City Council approved the final budget for municipal offices in Tehran and reviewed several proposals.

According to the informants, The members of the Tehran City Council reviewed the budget of the vice-presidents on the evening of the council, and approved the budget of the deputy head of finance and urban economy of the municipality with the maximum number of votes in favor of 7768 billion tomans. The vice president’s budget for urban services and the environment has also been approved at $6. The vice director of transportation and traffic has been approved at $6 trillion.

The budget of the Undersecretary for Coordination of Regional Affairs was also approved in the amount of seven billion tomans, and the cultural and social deputy in the amount of four thousand and 189 billion tomans.

Responding to Rehyan Nour’s budget, Mehdi Akherian, a member of the Oversight and Law Committee of the Islamic Council of Tehran, said, referring to his proposal to allocate 50 billion tomans for Rehyan Nour’s student camps: “On the matter of Rehyan Nour.” Transportation costs have increased dramatically, and we suggested this dispute that the municipality consider a budget and buses for these camps in the field of transportation for the citizens of Tehran, and the Martyr Hamdani project under the title of helping jihadist groups and depriving them of their rights. It was proposed at an amount of 100 billion tomans, the ceiling of which is five billion tomans for each region, and of course it varies in different regions, and I ask the members to cooperate in this field. In addition, the Cultural and Social Committee, the Civil Transport Authority, and the Urban Planning and Architecture Committee announced their approval in this regard.

Jafar Tishri Hashemi, head of the Civil and Transportation Committee of the Islamic Council of Tehran, emphasized that no one should be sent to the Rahyan Noor camps by bus, adding: Passengers in these rickety vehicles will be injured. Therefore, I am suggesting that they be dispatched with safe vehicles, a number of rows in the PBC have reached zero due to not prioritizing the project, and I am suggesting that zero items be removed from the table so as not to cause more problems due to rows with budgets, zero is meaningless.

Sodah Najafi, Chairman of the Council’s Health Committee, also suggested allocating two billion tomans in the cultural and social sector to educate organ donation.

Faruzandeh, deputy of finance and urban economy in the municipality of Tehran, told the Tehran City Council that the audit should have taken place every five years, which was delayed by two years, which is an electronic service. Although it has to be structured, at the moment, the payment has to be done manually.

Jalal Bahrami, Deputy Director of Transportation and Traffic in Tehran Municipality, also referring to the state of activity of the Comprehensive Transportation and Traffic Studies Company, said: This company is carrying out its work at the same time as the Supreme Council of Traffic and the Traffic Council of Tehran Municipality and accepted this handover and returned and will start its work from the month of mayo.

Mahdi Chamran also stated that the remaining 100 billion tomans should be allocated to the FAVA organization, and stated: This number should be allocated to the FAVA organization from the Asset Acquisition Department so that it can carry out its work. This proposal was approved with the maximum number of affirmative votes. Also, 25 billion tomans were approved for the army of Rehian Noor Shahr in Tehran and 100 billion tomans for jihadist actions in the Tehran City Council, and it was decided to reduce the total budget and add it to these amounts.

Therefore, according to the report, 6 billion tomans for the empowerment of heads of household centers and 5 billion tomans for women’s social participation were added to the total funds of the city services deputy.

According to informants, after reviewing the budgets of companies, organizations, deputy and districts in the municipality of Tehran, the final budget bill of 1402 was approved for the municipality of Tehran.

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