The intelligent monitoring operator of the building fire alarm has been detected

The intelligent monitoring operator of the building fire alarm was unveiled in the presence of the members of the Islamic Council of Tehran, the head of the Fawa Institute of Tehran Municipality, the CEO of the Fire Department and Safety Services of the Tehran Municipality and Plasco Construction Company.

According to the informants, Mehdi Qingi, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Mobinnet Communications, referring to the six-month activity to launch the country’s first operational IoT project, said: The main concern is the launch. of smart flames. The alarm monitoring operator reduces the time and accuracy of the fire alarm even if there is no person at the scene of the fire, which can be announced on time and with minimal consequences.

Al-Ghanaki announced the installation of fire alarms in the first satellite tower, the Plasco building and two MePaint buildings in the first phase of launching the intelligent fire monitoring operator.

Ahmad Sadeghi, Chairman of the Transparency and Smart City Committee of the Islamic Council of Tehran, expressed his gratitude to FAVA, the fire organization and the private sector, and said: Tehran was the first city to enter the field. But at the moment we are facing a serious backwardness in the field of information, and with the necessary elites and capabilities we must reach a better stage in the field of information technology.

Tehrani stated that in the field of urban intelligence, attention should be paid to the six dimensions of people, life, government, transportation, economy and environment, and emphasized: Information requirements should not be limited to fire incident reports. ; It should also be activated in the flood and earthquake warning section.

These members of the Tehran Islamic Council stated that the smart city needs infrastructure and added: The main need of the smart city is to have data and we hope that the new administration in Tehran will use the data to build the city of Tehran. Intelligent by creating a communication bridge between devices and infrastructure while preserving people’s privacy and surveillance capability in urban areas.

In addition, Hadi Mohrania, head of the Institute of Information and Communications Technology of Tehran Municipality, expressed his satisfaction with the launch of smart fire monitoring operators, and said: According to the order of the mayor of Tehran, all municipal institutions, including the Vava Institute, are committed to implementing ICT. Putting modernity at the forefront of urban management, and for this purpose, the Vava Institute of Tehran Municipality plans, sets policies and approves the architecture and technology required. To implement the dimensions of the smart city at high speed.

Building fire alarm intelligent monitoring trigger detected

The head of the FOAI organization of the Tehran municipality added: The FOAI organization of the Tehran municipality is an administrative, legislative and planning institution, but to implement smart projects in the city, we need a technological ecosystem in the country and in the new era of urban management. We look forward to exploring urban investment opportunities.

Mahernia announced: Recently, we presented the Smart Fire Alarm Monitoring Project as one of the successful private sector investment projects at the Urban Investment Opportunities Conference, supported by the three parties of the Fawa Triangle as policy makers and regulatory departments. Department as a network manager and presenter. It is fruitful as a private investor.

He stressed: In the field of attracting the private sector and connecting with the technology ecosystem, the project not only attracts operators, but in addition to the investment layer, we also cooperate with medium and small enterprises in the technology absorption layer.

The head of the FAVA organization in the Tehran municipality, the operator of smart monitoring of building fire alarms, described it as the first operational project of Iran’s smart city and added: “We are facing a delay in the use of IoT in the city, we need more opportunities for management needs, and we provide the private sector

Complementing this program, Khaderollah Mohammadi, CEO of the Fire and Safety Services Organization in Tehran Municipality, in his statements regarding the launch of the smart monitoring operator, considered the announcement of the building fire as a factor to reduce the presence and absence of operating time. unit and protect it. He said: Our measurement is by the second, which excludes the human element. The speed of the fire notification will definitely increase.

Mohammadi stressed the importance of installing an intelligent monitoring actuator to build a fire alarm in the Tehran market, noting that timely awareness of fires, and the presence of architectural maps and plans allow the operational team to know the necessary equipment and operations. Increase efficiency.

Hamid Reza Sarmi, Deputy Director of Urban Planning and Architecture in Tehran Municipality, said about the establishment of a smart operator to monitor building fire alarm: It should be considered that a private company providing these services should be provided to the general public. Reasonable price so they get a good response. Also, their services should not be limited to the first day, but should be provided with quality and continuity.

As pointed out by the deputy mayor of Tehran: The smart operator for monitoring building fire alarm should be expanded with wide coverage in the city of Tehran, and its use and application should cover all buildings and urban areas.

Mehdi Babaei, Chairman of the Safety and Crisis Prevention Committee of Tehran City Council, declared that attention to safety and prevention is a priority of the Fire Department, and said: Currently, 4% of the Tehran municipal budget is allocated to the Fire Department. Most of the operating area is equipment and plant development and should be spent proactively.

Babaei also announced that after the decision of the Islamic Council of Tehran on the establishment and development of smart fire monitoring, the first priority should be given to the installation of an intelligent system in Tehran municipal buildings.

Building fire alarm intelligent monitoring trigger detected

Mehdi Chamran, Head of the Islamic Council of Tehran, Vafa Institute, congratulated the Tehran Municipal Fire Department and Mobinnet for launching a smart monitoring operator for building fire alarms, and added: “Tehran market has many problems in case of an accident.” Overcrowding, complexity and overcrowding can cause many problems, including access, so every evening the market floor is covered with 25 cm of cardboard, which is dangerous.
While honoring the memory of martyrs of the country’s firefighters, especially the mayors of the Blasco accident, Chamran said: The use of smart fire alarm monitoring operators should be promoted first in large buildings and then in homes. “

In this ceremony, Mehdi Mahboubi experts and supporters of the Vavai Institute of Tehran Municipality in the Joint Committee for the Launch of the Intelligent Fire Monitoring Operator were honored, and Mobinit was granted an operating license.
According to the information base of Tehran municipality, the Firefighting and Safety Services Organization, in cooperation with the Institute of Information and Communications Technology of Tehran Municipality, has held a tender for the installation of an intelligent fire alarm system with the aim of better management of fire incidents. Online in the month of 1400, after observing the operator and reviewing the submitted documents, Mobin Net was selected as the operator of this plan. In this way, with the tripartite cooperation between the Tehran Municipality Vavai Institute, the Fire Department and Mobin Telecom, the start-up license was granted to the alarm operator (Intelligent Fire Monitoring of Tehran Buildings) and this project was launched as one of the largest. . Manipulation of the fire alarm system in Plasco with IoT projects in the country and the presence of firefighters.

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