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Ozone sturgeon They are known as migratory fish and usually live in warm rivers. The habitat of the fish is made of sand, sand and silt and they can easily move around in it. The depth of the home of this fish is from 50 to 300 meters in the sea. The water temperature should also be between 4 and 27 degrees. Caspian ozone feeds on mollusks. This fish has a length of more than 40 cm. Dogfish and peccaries are the food of this fish, which sometimes reaches 80 cm in length. The ozone outside the Caspian Sea grows about one and a half meters and will reach maturity at the age of 12, which is the age when it can spawn. in this time Online shopping from Azon Barun The Door fish king It attracted enormous interest.

Ozone online shopping

Ozonated fish will be very economical. On average, about 60% of Iranian caviar is provided by this fish, which is also a delicious meat in cooking all kinds of seafood. Also, ozone swimming bag is also used to produce glue in industry. Ozone meat is very tasty and has a high nutritional value. The protein found in the meat of fish cultured with ozone is more than its natural kind, and this is in the event that the fish cultured with ozone contains less fat than its marine and natural type. Therefore, buying ozone online would be a smart suggestion. Therefore, due to the consumption of natural ozone meat, 17.8% protein, 9.5% fat and 71.7% moisture, and from ozone meat, 21% protein, 4 1.1% fat and 71.8% is supplied to the body. Humidity. Sturgeon will not tolerate harsh treatments such as formalin, so the meat will be very healthy. And clean, oxygen-rich water will result in high-quality meat for this fish.

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One of the most expensive seafood can be referred to as Ozon Brun fish or caviar fish. Delicious, nutritious and boneless yin fish is offered as a source of collagen and protein among all types of fish. Earth’s ozone is 250 million years old. This strange fish is a relic of the Jurassic period. Ozon Bron is an amazing fish that lives from about 50 to 60 years and will start maturing and breeding from 15 to 20 years of age. The ozone fish has a structurally odd skull and trunk, and its elongated, spindle-shaped body lacks bones, scales, and vertebrae. Tough cartilaginous tissue in the body of the ozone fish runs along the back of the body. It will play the role of the spine and keep the different parts of the body together. Buying from Sultan Mahi will provide you with high quality marine products.

Beauty with ozone

Collagen is a vital substance for skin health, freshness and beauty. A substance that gives elasticity to the skin, leads to better wound healing, and prevents the appearance of wrinkles at an early age. Ozone is a rich source of collagen. A premium food item that can give the gift of beauty while providing essential protein and vitamins to the body. Therefore, Uzun Brun is considered the royal fish and the food of the nobility. In the past, the Japanese did not use this delicious fish for their own consumption and considered it a special food for the royal family.

protein; Characteristics of ozone fish

Ozenbrun has delicious meat, the pleasant taste of which is a special place among the popular foods of the world’s rich. A wonderful fish that contains a rich and excellent composition of protein through essential amino acids. The composition of the protein in the meat of this fish is similar to the protein in the meat of birds. The meat of this fish contains high amounts of carnosine. An amino acid that gives it a delicious taste. Ozoneprone is the main source of protein and is a unique food to increase the speed of muscle building in the body of athletes. It is also effective in increasing the body’s immune system, and by increasing the body’s metabolism, it brings freshness and vitality. Ozonbrun is considered one of the best fish in the Caspian Sea. This type of fish is also considered sturgeon. Almost the first sturgeon found in Iran was this sturgeon.

Ozone fish features

  • It is native to the Caspian Sea in Iran
  • The smallest fish of the Caspian Sea
  • boneless
  • Very tender meat
  • Very tasty taste

All these products are provided in Sultan Mahi Group, including all kinds of fish, shrimp, dates, colors and other southern products, and are presented to customers with the best and finest products. Online selling of fresh fish and shrimp started in the north in order to provide fresh and high quality seafood all over Iran. Sultan Mahi always focus on selling fish and other sea products online, providing the freshest and highest quality products of the day from the local fishermen and sending them to you dear ones. Sultan Mahi is a distributor of various products with high nutritional value. You can visit to buy marine products online such as ozone caviar and all kinds of high quality fish.

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