Final decision to close tomorrow at 22:00 / cancel the match between Persepolis and Aluminium

The match between Persepolis and Aluminum tomorrow (7 April) at Azadi Stadium in Tehran has been cancelled.

According to the informants The Air Pollution Emergency Committee was held in Tehran today in the presence of the Tehran Governor’s Office.

The need to fully prepare for medical universities, hospitals, emergencies and the Red Crescent was another decision of this meeting. The final decision to close schools will also be announced by the end of the night.

Respiratory patients were advised to refrain from outdoor travel.

According to the informants, Mohsen Al-Mansoori – the governor of Tehran – said at the conclusion of the meeting of the emergency committee on air pollution in Tehran, explaining the recent decisions of this committee regarding the intensification of dust in Tehran province: the news and reports were reviewed.

“The current situation of air pollution is not good and currently shows an index of 430, but this pollution is declining, and on the other hand its substance is different from the chemical pollution caused by crowding that often occurs in the cold season.” But in any case, it threatens the health of citizens.

Al-Mansoori continued, “In the last hour or two, the number of indicators of air pollution by wind has decreased. Essen’s forecasts and meteorology show the possibility of wind and rain, which can reduce air pollution further.”

He said, “In order to accurately predict the satellite maps and monitoring systems, the final conclusion has been postponed to 22:00 pm, and the final decision will be taken on the closure or not and citizens will be informed through the media.” Tomorrow we will undoubtedly see a decrease in pollution and an improvement in records, but we will not have good weather anyway.

Referring to the approvals of Tehran’s Air Pollution Emergency Committee, Mansouri reminded that “the Tehran football match tomorrow, that is, the Persepolis-Aluminium match, will be cancelled.” It will be banned by players and fans, and relief organizations including emergency services, the Red Crescent, hospitals and medical universities will be on high alert.
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