The most profitable job in the field of law – detectives

Law is one of the most well-known fields of the humanities. Candidates of the humanities group take the national examination to continue their studies in the field of law. The directions of law are very broad and present in all relationships of life today. Below we will introduce you to the field of law, important jobs in this field, their characteristics and income. Graduates in the field of law can work in positions such as attorney, judge, notary, legal advisor, legal expert, etc.

The legal profession is the most lucrative job in the field of law

The main function in the field of law is advocacy. Graduates take the bar exam after obtaining their bachelor’s degree. Passing the bar exam is the beginning of the road to becoming a lawyer, and graduates enter the training phase after passing the bar exam. Graduates can represent legal cases before completing the training phase and earn money from it. The work and income of lawyers is directly related to their abilities and skills, the more skilled a lawyer is in his work, the more he will benefit from a very good income.

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Although most people think of their high income when they hear about the job of lawyer and judge, you should know that these two jobs are considered among the most demanding and annoying.

Career future and the job market of the legal advisor

Legal experts or consultants are lawyers who specialize in providing legal advice to companies and organizations. With the complexity of personal and organizational relationships in today’s world and the problems that may arise for them, the presence of a legal advisor is essential for all organizations and individuals. To prepare the text of the organization’s contract, provide legal advice to managers and employees, handle legal and administrative complaints and claims, provide information and conduct legal affairs related to the affairs of the company and organizations, etc., are among the activities of legal advisors.

The salaries of legal advisors working in private companies are paid in accordance with the Civil Service Administration Act. Legal advisors who work in private organizations receive their salaries according to a series of factors such as skill, ability, and level of experience.

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Arbitration properties and income are among the most lucrative careers in the field of law

As you know, the function of arbitration is related to arbitration and trial in state courts. Persons whose function is to judge in trial and arbitration serve as judges in cases in the judiciary. There are general and specific conditions to become a judge in Iran, and people who have full conditions can start working as a judge after taking and passing the arbitration exam. The judgment test is more difficult and complex than the attorney’s test, and getting the job of a judge is much more difficult than getting the job of a lawyer. Judging is much more difficult than advocating, which is why a lot of rigor is taken to accept this job.

The income of the judge in Iran starts from 5 to 6 million and goes up to 15 million. How much salary a judge gets depends on various factors, one of the important factors is the amount of work experience of judges. The more experienced the judge, the higher the salary. Aside from the amount of work experience, there are other positive factors that affect judges’ salaries.

Job description of a notary office

A notary public is also one of the most lucrative jobs in the field of law in Iran. There are two ways to work as a notary in Iran.

1- Participation in the notary exam, which is held through the document registration office and according to the capacity of the cities

2- According to Article 69 of the Notaries Act, handing over and receiving the points of a notary who is about to retire.

Due to the saturation of clerical jobs and the large number of notaries public in the cities, the written examination is held every few years. The last notary test was conducted about 3 years ago. According to Article 5 of the Notary Public and the Association of Notary Public and Assistant Notary Public, the country’s business and real estate registry must select from among the applicants who meet the necessary conditions through a written test and a test in the notary office for the cities that need to establish a notary office.

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