Novel celebration of the birth of the children of undocumented workers

He does not have a birth certificate and does not know the exact day of his birth. He asked his mother if he was born in summer or spring, and now thanks to three charities and running a center for working children, he is celebrating his birthday in a group and receiving gifts for the first time. .

There will be 13 people. From 9 to 15 and over from Afghanistan, they immigrated several years ago or were born in Iran, but their roots are in our neighboring country Afghanistan.

Little by little, the children gather together. Some came with their sisters and some with their younger brothers.

The birthday party starts with Afghan music and the boys stand and spin their bodies. Some try to display their art more and some are forced to sit down.

Three siblings from Sistan and Baluchestan can also be seen among the working children. Yasser, 14, Benjamin, 12, and Mehrdad, 11. Yasser and Mehrdad were born in July. Five years have passed since he immigrated from Sharabad (Zahedan suburb) to Tehran. He was a shepherd in his town and his grandfather was a shepherd. Yasser works in a mechanical workshop, and Benjamin and Mehrdad collect garbage with their father.

Benjamin is addicted and takes hashish and Yasser wants to leave his camp. He’s not guilty, he was born an addict. His one and a half year old sister is also addicted. They cried a lot and prayed that God would listen to them and that she be the last child of a girl. His sister was born at home and the boys witnessed the accident. The father was sleeping, and when he woke up and saw the child, he asked: Where did this come from? The children answered: This is our sister.

None of the siblings have a birth certificate and know their date of birth from their vaccination card. All of them received two doses of the vaccine and were not yet infected with the Corona virus.

This is the first time anyone has celebrated Yasser’s birthday. He opens his gift. This is a T-shirt. And when he saw the light in Benjamin’s eyes, the brother gave him his gift. Benjamin takes the gift and smiles his lips. He came back happy and said to me: Yasser always had a birthday party for my mom and dad, but he never had a birthday party for himself.

Yasser wants to be an actor. He is tall, his eyes are almond and his eyelashes are black. He was offered several times to become a model, but he did not like it and preferred mechanics. He is now in first grade and loves to read. When he was in Jahdan Shepherd, he went to school several times, but was severely beaten, and did not pay attention to his studies.

Murtaza is from Afghanistan and is 15 years old. I don’t know what day he was born. He brought his 5-year-old little brother with him. There are four brothers. He has another brother who died when he was three years old. He had a heart problem. Murtaza also sells street vendors. He sells handkerchiefs and socks, and after his birthday party he has to go get a piece of bread: “Thank God, my profit is not bad, I have from 100 to 150 thousand tomans.” He is now in the fourth grade and loves football. He wants to become a football player in the future.

A story about celebrating the birthday of the children of undocumented workers

Abu Zubaydah reached the age of fourteen.

Do you have a birth certificate?

– Babe?

Birth certificate, national card…

there is silence

– Are you studying too?

– Yes, my first class

– do you work?

– Yes, I used to work as a mechanic, but now I am unemployed.

Are you happy that you are a year older?

No, being a kid is much better

Where are you from, Zubaida?

– Afghanistan.

– How many brother and sister do you have?

– Sister and two brothers

A story about celebrating the birthday of the children of undocumented workers

Imran is now 11 years old. He is also from Afghanistan. Hair is dyed and sold.

– Amron, how often have you dyed your hair?

– The second time, but I don’t want to draw anymore. A lady on the subway told me that if I drew again, it would burn.

Who drew you?

– my friend. 20 years old and works in a hairdressing salon.

– Are you studying too?

– My second class

What do you think to do?

– Not what God wants. But I read well

Who is the singer you like the most?

– titlu

– Why?

Because they have a lot of fans

What are the benefits of followers?

– Many things

– Give an example

there is silence

– Imran, what are you selling?

– napkin

– where?

Derki, Sadat Abad.

Were you born in Iran or Afghanistan?

Afghanistan, but I have been from Iran since my childhood

– Do you want to go back?

– I don’t know. But my mother saves money to buy a house there

– What county are you from?

– In Badakhshan, a man said that it contained a precious stone. But I think the Taliban have put it all together now.

Yunus, Imran’s friend, comes to take his hand and let them go:

– Let’s go

– Where do you want to go?

– let’s work

– Do you sell too?

– yes

Knife marks on Yunus’ leg.

– whats your problem?

stuck on a branch

– Yunus hides his hand.

– How old are you in class?

– First I have to get dressed. My aunt Didi Tatlu marry Sahar Qureshi? Tatlu eats magic, he says, if I had known, I wouldn’t have taken it.

Do you know the poem?

– yes. I don’t read all of them, but the ones that do have a commitment. Play the song and see how well I sing it.

– Why do you like Tatlu?

Because of his followers

Younes receives a T-shirt as a gift, drops on the gift of the girl who opens a box of hand-picked toys and says to Imran, “Why don’t you give us some of these?” I’d rather have these on a T-shirt.”

All Kerry’s kids who celebrated their birthdays now took pictures, ate a cake and fruit juice, and lived for an hour in a world where there shouldn’t be smoke, garbage, oil, or work. All of them, be it their birthday or their birthday party guest, received their gift from the three charities that paid for their birthday party and left the door of Naveed Children’s Center Online to go back to work. money to live

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