What is the “upside down” campaign looking for?

Again, broadcasting and marginalization; But this time it is an international campaign to support the Palestinian people. The campaign that was sent to the world from the heart of Jerusalem and its aim is to remind the ideal of liberating Jerusalem and overthrowing the Zionist regime, but with its work in broadcasting an unprofessional report on a celebration related to this campaign and republishing it. In the virtual space, Sed and Sima caused this international campaign to ridicule users of social networks; Users who may not have been informed of the details and history of this campaign due to the lack of work in the same radio and television.

Journalists Plus: Over the past few days, a video was broadcast on the radio in which some students of the Maragheh Sisters recognized themselves, shifting the dinnerware they were clutching onto a tray, and chanting the slogan “Death to Israel.” The correspondent of this report also announced that this measure is the participation of these students in the “Maqlouba” campaign, which is the name of a popular Arabic dish, and its goal is to unite with Palestinian women in overthrowing Zionism. The re-publishing of this video in the virtual space and its sharing by social media users created a situation that made some people who were not aware of the events of that campaign due to the incompetence of the media such as the national media, instead of praising it. , due to poor implementation

What are you looking for campaign

What is Maqlouba?

“Maqlouba” is a popular Arabic dish consisting of rice, eggplant, cauliflower, carrots, fried tomatoes, red meat or chicken, spices and vegetables, and it is cooked in each country with slight changes according to the taste of the people of that. nation. This dish is considered one of the most famous dishes in Palestine, which can be seen in the published pictures of the breakfast tables of the people of this country.

In response to the question, “What is the story of the inverted, and why did it become a symbol of the Palestinian people?” We went to Mehdi Bakhtiari, a researcher on Palestinian affairs. He says that “this food has become symbolic in the past few years because of the way it is presented, because the way it is presented is that the pot containing the maqlouba is stirred on a tray and then the al-Adha is served; for this reason, it has become a symbol of the overthrow of Israel by the Palestinians. According to Bakhtiari, this symbol It has been in Palestine for years, but since 2017, a women’s campaign has been formed in this field.

The researcher in Palestinian affairs stated that “since announcing its existence, the Zionist regime has always sought to declare Jerusalem (Jerusalem) as its capital,” and continued that “this is the desire of former US President Donald Trump.” And America tried. To make it a reality in 2017. In December 2017, Trump officially announced the United States’ recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. After this announcement, cooking and serving maqlouba became a more daring symbol of the overthrow of Israel, and a campaign was launched in this field by some Palestinian women who are called “Murabit”. Women who have an active presence in Jerusalem and are known as maids and caretakers of Jerusalem.

What are you looking for campaign

Upside down campaign in Iran

According to Bakhtiari, “The Maqlouba campaign was observed simultaneously in Palestine in many Arab countries and among Muslims since 2017, and many joined it; about two years ago this movement was launched in Iran and in cities such as Bushehr and Ahwaz, but it was not known, unfortunately thanks to the television movement in Recent days, this campaign has been presented inappropriately.

What is the function of campaigns?

The researcher on Palestinian issues said about the reactions after the release of a video by the students of the Maragheh Sisters School that “after the release of the last video, some say about the Maqlouba campaign, “You are so ridiculous that you think this matter is continuing to shake the foundations of the Zionist entity.. Get out.” This is in the circumstances that This campaign is not supposed to have such a function.The main goal of any campaign formed anywhere in the world is to keep the issue alive in public opinion in any way possible; for example, a soccer player makes a move against racism at a soccer match, and becomes This action is a campaign in the world, and millions of people in the world are repeating this step; this will certainly not eliminate racism, but it will keep the issue alive in the minds; this is the campaign’s job, and we must also correct our view of the campaign.

Bakhtiari stressed that “the function of the upside down campaign is only to keep the Palestinian issue alive in public opinion,” and stated that “one of the problems with public opinion in this field is that sometimes we only see issues from our Iranian point of view; something might be absurd in it.” Our culture is Iranian, but it is very important in Arab culture. And vice versa is also true. Other forms in this field are also from the same media; it is often said that the best way to spoil an action is to carry it out badly; one example in this context is to unveil a copy of Cardboard of Imam Khomeini (may God be pleased with him) at a ceremony commemorating his arrival in Tehran in 2010; Many still remember how much trouble this year caused? Because a very important ceremony was performed in the worst way and made everyone want to hold a party for 12 Bahman After that, everyone remembers that incident; it means that you will spoil it with a bad performance and even worse by publishing this performance.

What are you looking for campaign

Reconstruction of the scene of the arrival of Imam Khomeini (may God be pleased with him) in Iran – February 12, 1390

Bakhtiari refers to the unveiling of a cardboard copy of Imam Khomeini (may God be pleased with him) at a ceremony commemorating his arrival in Tehran in 2010; A ceremony was held at Mehrabad Airport in Tehran, during which the ceremonial units present at the airport paid their respects in front of a cardboard copy of the company’s founder; A work that met many objections and criticisms at the same time. One of the criticisms leveled at this ceremony was Ayatollah Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani, head of the Expediency Discernment Council. Hashemi Rafsanjani severely criticized the creation of a cardboard replica of Imam Khomeini and said “Now these days, we must refrain from implementing low-content and absurd programs such as the indecent use of cardboard replicas, which the mind can sometimes object to. People and ill-wishers exploited by the enemies of the revolution.”

Poorly executed TV report

In conclusion, the researcher on Palestinian affairs said, “The inverted campaign, which was briefly mentioned, was carried out in separate regions of Iran this year and did not result in any side effects, but what happened in Maragheh was like the case of a cardboard copy of the imam: Khomeini, and worse than that is the persistence of Radio and television to broadcast the minutes of that event.The broadcast of this video has hit the principle of movement so much that even now, no matter how much you want to explain this issue, because people are not familiar with this issue, at first you will encounter people’s ridicule, while this action has Several years and has an international history

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